Tuesday, September 28, 2021



Yaegl man elected to NT Government

Geoff Helisma. It wasn’t too long ago, Dheran Young was kicking a football around a vacant lot in Young Street, Wooloweyah, along with a lot of other kids from the neighbourhood – on Saturday September 11, Mr Young, 33, was elected to the Northern Territory Government as the Member for Daly.

Indigenous art projections take over Marina

Colourful Indigenous artwork will be splashed across the Batavia Coast Marina this Sunday night thanks to unique projection show “COVE” that forms part of the inaugural Shore Leave Festival.

Islander culture put on pedestal

Thursday Island has put on a spectacular display of Torres Strait Islander culture for the Winds of Zenadth festival ... “It may have been limited to only a two-day festival, but reached deep into our hearts as the sounds of the warup (island drum) and trum/luumoot, combined with our songs, brought joyful tears to all who attended" : Torres Shire CEO Dalassa Yorkston.

Ord Valley event musters up millions for east Kimberley economy

A popular East Kimberley event held in May this year, and supported by the McGowan Government, injected around $6 million into the local economy and recorded its highest-ever ticket sales.

On land and on sea: new Indigenous rangers safeguard country

The Palaszczuk Labor Government reaffirms the ongoing recognition of Indigenous knowledge and connection, announcing 54 new First Nations rangers for 13 communities across Queensland.

Vale Nancy

Nancy Schmidt, who was fondly known as Aunty Nancy because she was such a lovely mumma to everyone, leaves a legacy of kindness and compassion, and a trail of goodwill. Nancy’s story began in the Central Desert, west of Alice Springs where she lived with her Aboriginal family until she was taken away by authorities and sent to the Bungalow in Alice Springs. When the Government handed over care of all Aboriginal children to missionaries, Nancy was transferred to the Methodist Mission on Goulburn Island and then on to Croker Island along with other children who were members of what has become the Stolen Generation.

Emissions Reduction Fund delivers 100 million carbon credits

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor said the 100 millionth ACCU (Australian Carbon Credit Unit) has been issued for the Wilinggin Fire Project, which manages savanna burning in Western Australia’s Kimberley region and is managed by the Ngarinyin people. “The Wilinggin Fire Project is supported and led by the local Indigenous community, and one which returns substantial environmental and economic benefits,” Minister Taylor said ... Savanna fire management projects apply strategic early dry season burning with the aim of reducing the frequency and extent of late dry season fires. This results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions ... ACCUs from savanna fire projects command a premium in the private market.

Aboriginal Fire Rangers commence new burning program

In a significant step toward joint land management between the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) and Tasmanian Aboriginal people, PWS Aboriginal Fire Rangers employees have completed their first cultural burn at Dempster Plains on the West Coast. 

Queensland achieves nation-leading recognition of Torres Strait Islander traditional child rearing practice

Queensland has marked the historic milestone of the opening of applications to recognise Torres Strait Islander traditional child rearing practice under new law that translates as “for our children’s children’’. It follows more than 30 years of advocacy by Kupai Omasker Elders to allow Torres Strait Islanders raised by extended family to transfer their legal identity from birth parents to cultural parents.

Local artist makes clothing debut

Mark Knowles. Cape York artist Fiona Wirrer-George Oochunyung debuted her new range of fashion designs at the Brisbane Festival on Sunday. Her debut was part of the First Nations Fashion: Walking in Two Worlds show, curated by Cairns-based artist Grace Lillian Lee and presented by the Brisbane Festival and Screen Queensland.