Tuesday, September 28, 2021



Minister Littleproud goes in to bat for agriculture at the United Nations

NFF Chief Executive, Tony Mahar has welcomed remarks by Minister David Littleproud at the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) in a session devoted to leader's statements.

Global supply disruption to see Aussie growers lock in ag inputs early for season ahead – Rabobank outlook

Widespread global disruption to supply is set to see Australian farmers again move to lock in fertiliser and other inputs early for the season ahead, Rabobank says in a recently-released report. This is despite global fertiliser prices at near-decade highs and expected to remain elevated in the short to medium term.

State lockdowns pull handbrake on bumper harvest

Continuing COVID border restrictions are making life difficult for farmers and harvest workers at the start of a bumper season. For the second year in a row, farmers are scratching their heads on how to harvest fields full of crops with limited access to workers and COVID testing facilities that have limited hours of operation.

Mice forum charts a way forward

More than 200 farmers, industry and government representatives have united to chart a way forward against a spring surge in mice activity as the state looks to reap the benefits of a record harvest. Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall said it was invaluable to have all stakeholders together for the latest updates and to discuss key issues with farmers ... Listen to the recording.

Farmers remind the UN: trade key to sustainable food systems

Ahead of the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS), Cairns Group Farm Leaders from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Guatemala, New Zealand, Paraguay, South Africa, and Uruguay has urged that the role of international trade be recognised at the Summit. The NFF is a member of the Group.

Micro abattoir offers solutions

The Pattisons, from 'Minmi' at Burraboi, market their beef directly through the Pattison Pastoral brand, tapping into consumer demand for sustainably raised beef with provenance. Hayley is excited by the opportunities the new micro abattoir will bring. “It will do wonders for my brand to have local processing ... With my paddock to plate business, the welfare of the animals is so important."

The Winemaker – Picking a winner

As a producer in our highly competitive industry it's important and difficult to keep up with the market. For over 20 years we tried to sell Rose. We made different styles, different grape varieties, fancy packaging. Our Rose wines won numerous show awards. We tried targeting various markets: women, young  people, the gay market. But we were pissing into the wind. So we gave up. Then Rose took off. Wrong place, wrong time.

Housing and high cattle prices hit meatworkers

High cattle prices and the housing crisis have led to changes at the casino Food Co-op. Shifts have been reduced and the co-operative plans to build worker cottages on site. Chief executive Simon Stahl said the price of cattle was too high for the meat processing plant.

NSW Farmers calls for clarity on alternative protein products

NSW Farmers told the Senate Inquiry into Definitions of Meat and other Animal Products that alternative proteins will be part of our future, but the word "meat" needs to be protected and that plant-based proteins should be banned from using words like "meat', "beef", "lamb" and "milk".

Review – Our Sunburnt Country

No matter what one's position might be on the many variations of the Climate Change discussion, it is apparent that this well written book is a call from the heart for immediate action, with the author's focus being - ‘How do we simultaneously achieve good health for people and our planet?’