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Spruce up for some town buildings and memorabilia

Rex Mansfield, a roving painter is in town working on some much needed repainting of the town’s old business fronts and iconic installations. He has started in Ray Hunter Park where he is putting the finishing touches to the “Barkindji Fish”, the original creation of the late Karen Riley. The Barrow & Co steam engine has been finished.

Darling/Baaka sacrificed for northern irrigators

‘The NSW Coalition and the Shooters Fishers Farmers Party have condemned the Darling/Baaka to longer periods of dry riverbed with stagnant slimy pools. This decline in river health started when floodplain harvesting exploded upstream during the 1990’s. The NSW Government has rewarded decades of unsustainable and unregulated water use with new licences while conducting no assessment of the downstream impacts on Darling/Baaka communities, native fish populations, groundwater recharge and important wetland areas’: Brian Stevens, spokesperson for Inland Rivers Network.

Solo exhibition by Sunno Mitchell at Broken Hill City Gallery

"As artist and mentor, Sunno is a key part of the Wilcannia community. His practice across textiles, printmaking, carving and more are intrinsically tied to his role as a community educator, and tell stories of family and his home along the Barka."

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Wilcannia News
Published monthly by the Wilcannia News Committee Inc. and circulated in Wilcannia and district.

Wilcannia News Committee Inc.
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