Monday, October 25, 2021

About ARR.News

Australian Rural & Regional News Pty Ltd has been created for the purpose of promoting and for sharing content produced by independent publishers based in rural and regional Australia and by journalists and other contributors to ARR.News.

ARR.News also features news and releases from clubs, societies and organisations, companies and businesses, and government bodies that have information relevant to rural and regional people.

ARR.News aims to provide a common meeting point for publishers, contributors and readers located in the many and varied parts of rural and regional Australia.

Publishers can make selected content available on ARR.News and share content with each other if they wish. Content generated by ARR.News can be used freely by contributing publishers.
The Content Store can be used by publishers to sell a licence to use other selected content, such as photographs from their archives and breaking news stories, to each other and to the general public.
Content published on ARR.News remains the property of the copyright holder and ARR.News endeavours to properly attribute all content.
Launched in January 2021 with a dedicated group of independent news publishers, journalists and commentators, ARR.News expects its base of contributors to grow strongly from here.
Are you a potential contributor? Get in touch:  TheEditor@ARR.News


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