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War in Ukraine: Do we make a difference?

Alison McEwen. Victor Boltak writes from Ukraine: "… And your help (Ukraine Appeal) is valued very highly here. "Recently I donated $275 USD for medicine which was taken yesterday to a so called ‘stabilization point’ – this is the first medical help point close to the battlefield where the wounded are delivered from the front lines and where military doctors try to give the first aid and stabilize the condition of the wounded so they could be further moved to the field hospital.

How a chicken defeated pigs and cows in Ukraine

Ukrainian chicken producers have made a good marketing move. Thanks to this, the retail price of boneless chicken meat is about US$3 for one kilo. This is the most affordable meat in Ukraine. Beef and pork producers have yet to strike back ... Private entrepreneur Lyudmila Koloshko speaks about how profitable it is to sell "Leg meat".

Rabobank commentary: CBOT wheat prices spike overnight on escalation of Black Sea conflict

CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) wheat prices soared eight per cent overnight, after Ukrainian ports were hit by Russian missiles and Russia’s Ministry of Defence warned that all vessels travelling to Ukraine’s Black Sea ports will be considered as potential carriers of military cargo. This was the highest trading level of CBOT wheat since a spike in mid-June and previously in February this year, Rabobank senior grains analyst Dennis Voznesenski said.

Tennant Creek joins NT-wide anti-fracking campaign

Last Saturday was a Territory-wide day of action in response to the NT Government’s recent decision to green-light fracking in the Beetaloo basin ... Community members were engaged and shared a common outrage at the Government’s recent decision. The event demonstrated that the community does not want fracking gas fields on Country.

In Ukraine, archaic agriculture wins over industrial

Ukraine could become the first country in the world where the evolution of agriculture will be replaced by devolution. The war makes farms and large agricultural holdings inefficient. These enterprises use large capital, hired labor, complex machinery, large plots of land and work for export. But war cannot destroy the private farms of the rural people.

The Veteran Games, 30 September – 2 October 2023

The Veteran Games is an exciting opportunity for former and current serving military personnel to showcase their physical resilience, teamwork and problem-solving in an Australian-first team competition.

Flower market of Ukraine survived three assassination attempts

In Ukraine, participants in the flower business are three times heroes. In 2014, the war with Russia began. Then, in 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic began. And in 2022, Russia invaded the territory of Ukraine. Over eight years, the business industry has experienced a catastrophic recession three times. Even so, the flower business continues to thrive. The love of Ukrainians for flowers is stronger than any problem.

Russians attack Bakhmut: the best gardeners of Ukraine became unemployed

In Ukraine, the largest horticultural centre has been destroyed ... In the vicinity of Bakhmut, a fifth of the specialised gardens for growing new trees and flowers in Ukraine was concentrated ... only one person, Danilenko Andrey Yuryevich, the owner of the "Artemsad" company, could find in himself the strength to answer questions about what happened.

Aussie grains harvest complete but Ukraine war’s not over: GPA

Australian grain leaders are calling on other growers and farm businesses to show generosity and donate a tonne of grain or more, to help support Ukraine farmers and rural communities. The #AUSSIEGRAIN4UKRAINE initiative was established last year in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, to give Australian grain producers a way of supporting their farming colleagues and communities facing the continuing challenges and horrors of war.

What is happening in the Australian-Ukrainian agricultural market

Trade between Ukraine and Australia is actively developing. The total sales of Australian goods and services are growing faster than Ukrainian ones. Australian farmers are also increasing sales faster than Ukrainian farmers. However, this was not always the case. 2023 may strengthen the position of Ukrainian farmers.

Why the quail is a strategic bird for Ukraine

During the war, quail could save millions of Ukrainians from hunger and poverty. Only 1m2 is needed to grow this bird. For this, 200 dollars is enough. Investments begin to make a profit after 2 months. The income is 25-40 per cent of the invested funds per month. However, several reasons do not allow the quail to become a national bird in Ukraine.

Ukraine endorsement for Aussie grain initiative: Grain Producers Australia

Ukraine’s ambassador to Australia, Vasyl Myroshnychenko, has endorsed the efforts of Australian grain producers to help Ukraine farmers and rural communities with their recovery from the war. Mr Myroshnychenko met with members of Grain Producers Australia’s farmer sub-committee recently to discuss the #GRAIN4UKRAINE initiative and thank them for supporting his people.

Ukrainian family is thankful for support

With the support of the Cape community, Ukrainian refugees Tatiana and Victor Malysha have returned to their home in war-ravaged Zaporizhzhia. Coordinated by Cooktown couple Eric and Jola George, the community has fundraised to give Tatiana and her son Victor, who has special needs, a monthly allowance while they were forced to live apart from her husband to escape fighting in Zaporizhzhia.

World reaches out to support Ukrainian horse community

Imagine being a talented, horse-loving teen stuck in the middle of a war. Instead of dreaming about representing your country at the Olympic Games, you are helping your family set your horses free in the hope they will survive the bombing. The one thing about horse lovers worldwide is they stick together ...

How chicken eggs became golden in Ukraine

Chicken eggs have become inaccessible to Ukrainians. From January 2020 to October 2022, the average price of chicken eggs has increased 3 times! The price of 10 eggs increased from UAH 21.07 to UAH 60.1. Over the same time period, the average cost of food in Ukraine increased by 42.1 per cent. And the average salary increased by only 5 per cent.

Incredible return of cows to Ukraine

The deindustrialisation of milk production in Ukraine could prove to be a miraculous renaissance of the industry ... The cow becomes a source of hope and prosperity in an era of instability. This allows us to hope that, at least in private households, the production of dairy products will begin to increase.

Russian farmers running out of spare parts

If you think Australian farmers are worried about the availability of spare parts, then spare a thought for Russian farmers who are suffering under the impact of ever tightening sanctions as a direct result of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine ... Open the door to Russian ag mechanics ... Is China a parts risk?

Ukrainian vegetable market: the worst is ahead

In the summer, Ukrainian farmers adapted to work in wartime. However, Ukrainians will have to forget about fruits and vegetables in winter ... With the onset of winter, many Ukrainians will stop buying vegetables. Farmers won't be able to grow it. The reason is the lack of gas or the high cost of gas.

Documenting history in Afghanistan

David Lee. There aren’t many people who can say they have stared into the face of danger in order to show the world a story that needs to be told, but Narrandera resident and cinematographer Jordan Bryon has done just that; and one of those ventures has led him to work on a feature film for the New York Times (NYT). For almost six years, Jordan has been living in Afghanistan and more recently working alongside colleague, Farzad Fetrat on the feature film.

The most important capital of Ukrainian farmers is strength of mind

The perfect storm. This is the name of the life of Ukrainian farmers now. Because of the war, automobile fuel is becoming more expensive, agricultural machinery is being destroyed. Inventories, warehouses and crops in the fields are being destroyed. The war has made it more difficult to transport and sell crops. Farmers die during the fighting actions.

Mayor invites Ukrainian Ambassador to Toowoomba

“Toowoomba is Australia’s Garden City, we are a refugee welcome zone and have an inclusive community that has helped to resettle thousands of migrants from all over the world in recent years. Our industry is built of the back of the agricultural sector, much in the same way Ukraine relies so heavily on their $13 billion farming and food processing industry" : Mayor Paul Antonio.

Deloitte Access Economics Business Outlook: Now for the tricky bit

"Australia sells energy and food to the world, so the tragedy in Ukraine means that our miners and farmers have seen the spoils of war."

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