Saturday, August 20, 2022

Trevor Whittington, CEO WAFarmers


Net zero targets won’t last long

This story is about the impossible challenge of feeding a growing world population while staying true to net zero emissions targets ... Something strange happened in June this year when two of the world's most bullish emissions reduction advocates, Germany and Britain, panicked at the huge spike in grain prices and called for temporary waivers on biofuels mandates to combat soaring food prices.

It’s time

It’s not just the ‘it’s time’ factor, nor the furore around Allanah MacTiernan's recent comments linked to Foot and Mouth disease, nor her failure to get her Department to operate effectively, or even the fact she has been captured by the unscientific religion of regenerative agriculture, that she has to go. No, it’s simply the fact that farmers have stopped listening to someone who prefers to lecture rather than listen.

FMD is far more important than festivals

This opinion piece is all about the failure of our Ag Minister to understand the importance of elevating biosecurity to the top of DPIRD’s list of things to do ... With the arrival of Foot and Mouth Disease in Indonesia, DPIRD needs to be up to the task of stopping it at our borders or wiping it out within the 3-4 months that a recent CSIRO report claims is possible for localised outbreaks.