Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Trevor Whittington, CEO WAFarmers


Russia running hot and cold

You have to hand it to the Russians; they are a resilient mob. I had started to write a story back in May about how drought, frost, labour, and parts shortages were about to combine and smash their next grain harvest but luckily, I didn’t, as my predictions would have been way off the mark. As it turns out, despite what all the global grain experts said at the time, about Russia facing a difficult year, it seems they are on track for another big crop.

Why don’t more farms go off grid?

Last month, I attended the AgZero - WAFarmers PowerShift Forum, where we got the good oil on the exciting future that awaits us as we turn off coal and gas and turn on renewables ... it got me thinking about the cost-benefit of taking our farms across to the green side of the electricity equation and cashing in on all this free sunlight we have.

Where is Bob when you need him?

Remember Live Aid back in 1985? You know the big concert organised by Bob Geldof to help the millions starving in Ethiopia 1983-85 in a famine that cost a million lives?  Well, the music artists might have moved on but there is still plenty of hunger in Africa ... It seems the Europeans have replaced imperial colonialism with green colonialism, something that is cheered on by the new elites of the Western left.

Another Brick in the Wall: John Hassell

John Hassell. Western Australia’s farmers are facing ‘Walls of Legislation,’ which is exactly what our members and in fact every farmer across Australia are facing under this current federal government. Walls of Legislation… or as I prefer to call it, “Another Brick in the Wall, Stopping Farmers from Farming.”

Nothing Royal about the RSPCA

Does RSPCA approved extend to King Charles? Last week the RSPCA spent some of its donor’s money plus a share of the funds given to them by the taxpayers of WA to continue their long running anti-farming campaign by publishing a letter to the community in the West Australian. The paid advertisement reads like it was written by radical university animal activists, rather than what was once a highly respected animal welfare organisation.

Keep The Sheep: WAFarmers

WAFarmers sets out 13 killer arguments to keep the live sheep trade.

Regional renovate to rent

Every country town has at least one building that lies abandoned or underutilised which could be turned into a house or unit that could attract another worker or family to the community. We have old train stations and roads boards buildings, there are abandoned shops in the main street, empty pubs, unused halls, even farmhouses close to town left to deteriorate.

Need a business? Build it and they will come

Don’t have a plumber, electrician, aircon mechanic, car mechanic, tyre shop, independent ag mechanic, hydraulic shop etc in your town? Then do something about it. The council or a group of farmers should get together to buy an industrial lot, build a lock up shed, offer it out for $1 a year then stand back and watch the rush.

Don’t cry for me Albanese

Argentina has long interested me. Just how a country blessed with their natural assets and European colonial history has managed to turn itself from being one of the 10 wealthiest countries in the world prior to the first world war to 65th in the world is a case study of the failings of popularist socialist government policies ... Imagine paying out $50 per tonne tax for the privilege of growing a tonne of wheat and then having to pay tax on any profits you manage to make.  It may sound mad but it's not that far from Albanese's new biosecurity tax on farm gate production.

Murray Watt is a wounded Minister

Yesterday in Canberra, the WAFarmers and the National Farmers' Federation (NFF) joined a walk out of the federal Agriculture Minister Murray Watt during the budget breakfast, with industry leaders wearing a ‘Keep the Sheep’ tee shirt. The Minister was not impressed ... The farmers might be irrelevant to the ALP, but the voting public are suspicious of governments that are seen to sell out the farmers that grow the grain used to breed the geese that feed the workers that mine the gold that the government uses to buy votes.