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Established 1994.

Based in Alice Springs, Central Australia.

One of Australia’s oldest online newspapers, online since 1997.

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Bush buildings boom: Where does the balance go?

Araluen’s Independent Member has pressed the NT government to disclose the construction costs of dwellings in the bush after media statements last year indicated there may be a flood of $1.5m mansions across remote regions ... Ms Lambley, following a request by the [Alice Springs] News, submitted what’s called “written questions” to the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, which happens to be Chief Minister Eva Lawler.

Earlier articles

Buffel not declared a weed: Why not?

A campaigner and hands-on combatant of buffel for a quarter century, Alex Nelson, says the government’s initiative about the imported grass taking over much of The Centre is a time wasting exercise. “There is no reason for not declaring it a noxious weed. They have all the information they need. This is kicking the problem down the road.”

Goodbye to bottle shop cops?

Bottle shop cops may be replaced by unarmed officers from another department while the Mayor, an ardent supporter of the Point of Sale Intervention (POSI) provided by the police, declines to comment. He will also not discuss his claims that the recent curfew was a success.

Night drive

Mike Gillam. Travelling south, I leave Alice Springs before first light and I’m rewarded and indeed frustrated by a brilliant meteor plummeting to earth in the south west. The heavenly body is primarily bright green with an orange tail and I fail to capture it even though the camera sits on the seat beside me ready for such moments.

Beetaloo gas to ‘change NT forever’

The Territory’s $40 billon economy by 2030 “won’t happen without the growth of this sector” said NT Minister Mark Monaghan, addressing more than 300 members of the extractive industry ... Mr Monaghan said gas from Beetaloo is “on the cusp of changing the Territory forever” as Empire Energy and Tamboran Resources are expected to make their final investment decision on pilot production activities this year.

Only biological control can eradicate buffel

The green that surrounds you is buffel, as far as the eye can see, a malicious plant predator that has overwhelmed much of The Centre, and is continuing its relentless advance. Renowned Central Australian botanist Peter Latz, who has studied the introduced plant for decades, likens the magnitude of impact on the country of buffel with the megafauna’s extinction.

Alice Springs News articles

The Alice Springs News is in its 29th year of publication, and with the closure of the Murdoch Centralian Advocate in 2020 we are the only local newspaper in Central Australia.

We are redesigning our editorial focus from daily and brief reports to long form journalism focussing on background, analysis and investigation of our region’s major issues. For this we are assembling a team of writers, some long-term contributors, some new.

Our seven million word online archive goes back to 1998, is fully searchable and available 24/7.
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We are a platform for civilised and fearless debate.

Our previous peak circulation was 22,000 individual readers a month making 90,000 page views.
We’ve published some 26,000 readers’ comments since 2011.

We are one of Australia’s oldest online newspapers. 

We founded the News as a print edition in 1994 as the largest circulation independent newspaper in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Editor Erwin Chlanda and Chief Reporter Kieran Finnane have together 70 years of reporting from and in Central Australia for local, national and international media in television and newspapers.

We strictly comply with the Journalistic Code of Ethics.

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Editor: Erwin Chlanda

Our “patch” is an area of a million square kilometres; 30% of the population is Aboriginal.
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We also have a significant readership interstate and overseas.


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