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Denmark Bulletin

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An independent, privately-owned tabloid newspaper published every second Thursday.

Delivered free to every household in the town of Denmark and is also available in Walpole, Bow Bridge, Peaceful Bay, Youngs Siding, Albany and a dozen collection points for out-of-town residents and visitors.

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Recent articles

Fire protection: ‘Past no guide’

Patricia Gill. Noongar cultural burning may offer historical cues for contemporary fire protection but these cannot be relied on to produce a fire resilient landscape. So said environmental historian Professor Andrea Gaynor at the Royal WA Historical Society Conference ... Prof. Gaynor said Noongar burning practices belonged to a mobile culture and were never intended to protect a sedentary society in a landscape which had been subjected to logging, farming and urban development.

Lending a helping hand a way of life for Roger

A helping hand: Former Denmark Citizen of the Year Roger Seeney is a strong believer in helping others and contributes to his community in many ways, including as an organiser of the annual Black Dog Ride, a national charity that raises awareness of depression and suicide prevention. He recently spoke to Serena Kirby about his life and the struggles which have shaped him.

Caulfield first home in half marathon

Stuart Caulfield bolted home in one hour, 19 minutes, 12 seconds to win the Denmark Half Marathon in drizzly weather on Sunday morning. About 200 runners and walkers registered in the three events which included the 21km and 10km, and 2km for children.

Previous articles

Marianna’s comeback for the ages

Serena Kirby. Denmark singer-songwriter Marianna Greenham’s return to music after 30 years has produced works which are now widely adopted for family-life challenges. Marianna, 71, will perform at the Denmark Artshouse later this month presenting her earlier songs as well as many new ones. This follows her appearance at this year’s Festival of Voice and a return to music which she says has been good for her soul.

End of era for markets

Denmark Arts’ 40-year run of seasonal markets in Berridge Park is over. Instead, Denmark Arts hopes to collaborate with other market-holders to support them in a new model different to the traditional markets. These have been held over summer and at Easter, and over the decades have built Denmark’s reputation as a market town.

Rolling thunder heading for Denmark rec centre

Hundreds of roller skates will be thundering around the Denmark Recreation Centre for end-of-term celebrations once again. The roller discos are back by demand, with a Super Hero-themed skate fest, held on Friday, September 16, the second disco to be held this year.

College marks 80 years

Serena Kirby. WA College of Agriculture Denmark’s open day last weekend also marked 80 years since the school was established. To commemorate, education dignitaries were on hand to unveil an old collegians society plaque ... Principal Rebecca Kirkwood said she was proud of the school’s achievements as it was now widely known for its excellence in cattle and dairy programs.

College student ‘top parader’

WA College of Agriculture Denmark student Ella Smith won the Junior Paraders title at the recent Beverley Show ... In Junior Paraders, students lead heifers, bulls and steers and are judged on their ability to control the animal which can be a 600kg bull.

Bushfire advice: Get ready now!

Serena Kirby. Preparing for fire season should be a year-round job and leaving it until summer was too late. This is just one piece of advice Murray Brooker gave at his bushfire ready sessions. Murray is the lead facilitator of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services-led Denmark bushfire ready program that is run by community members.

About Denmark Bulletin

The Denmark Bulletin is an independent, privately-owned tabloid newspaper published every second Thursday. Printed under contract by Fairfax Media and run by two of WA’s most experienced journalists, the Bulletin has a nationwide reputation as a community newspaper of outstanding quality.

This year’s Shire of Denmark Community and Customer Needs Survey found that almost three quarters of respondents favoured the Bulletin first for community consultation and access to information.

The paper was named one of Australia’s best looking newspapers winning the ‘Best Newspaper on Enhanced Stock’ in a competition for newspaper printers in Australia and New Zealand.

It was chosen as an entry by printers Fairfax Media and won ahead of an edition of The Australian Financial Review, printed in Victoria.



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