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More incentives for landholders to get involved in farm forestry: Saunders

The NSW Government has launched two new groundbreaking projects to encourage landholders and farmers to invest in sustainable timber production as part of their land management practices. The Forest Stewardship Program and Farm Forestry Certification Pilot are the first of their kind in Australia and mark a new era in sustainably managed forestry on private land in NSW.

2020 flood repairs reach major milestone

The last of the 42 culverts and floodways that were severely impacted by the Southern Queensland Heavy Rainfall and Flooding event during February 2020 have now been replaced by Toowoomba Regional Council ... “Closing out the February 2020 Flood Recovery Works Program means that our teams can now turn all their attention to the Flood Recovery Program from the more recent flooding events”: Cr Carol Taylor.

Grants deliver $27k+ for community

Five local groups are among winners from the latest round of Toowoomba Regional Council community grants, with RM Equestrian Centre securing the lion’s share of the $27,106.59 total. Across the Region, 54 successful applications totalled $237,437.76 and 16 applications were not approved.

Strategy Group’s ‘positive’ meeting with Minister

The Murray Regional Strategy Group (MRSG) has been buoyed by positive engagement with new federal Minister for the Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek ...MRSG Chair, Geoff Moar, said it was a positive meeting and that, “We felt we covered more ground today than we have in a very long time ... The minister understands that we do not support more water buybacks from our region, and also acknowledged there are a number of problems which need a flexible approach if they are going to be fixed.”

Local approach leads the way

The recent NSW Legislative Council Committee investigating the long-term sustainability and future of the timber and forest products industry has recognised the value that collaboration brings to outcomes ... The committee commended WMLIG for its efforts to recover and respond to the various changes impacting its region by working together to build a 'healthy working forest' and were encouraged to hear about wood waste and crop residue initiatives as well as recycling programs.

Renewed focus on Inland Rail in state’s south: NSW Farmers

Farmers and landholders in the Riverina are having their say on Inland Rail, according to NSW Farmers. NSW Farmers Treasurer and Inland Rail Taskforce chair Peter Wilson said there must be benefit for landowners and the broader farming community if railway lines were to cut properties in half.

Coalition Senators move to remove the nuclear ban

Nine Coalition Senators have moved today to remove the ban on nuclear power in Australia by introducing a Private Senators Bill ... “Australia’s unusual legislative ban against nuclear power was moved and debated with less than 30 minutes of debate in the Senate. But the nuclear ban may cause decades of pain if we continue to deny our country reliable power alternatives": Senator Canavan.

NSW fast-tracks mRNA FMD and Lumpy Skin Disease vaccines: Toole, Saunders

The NSW Government has taken another step towards fast tracking the world first mRNA vaccines for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Lumpy Skin Disease, inking a deal with US biotechnology company Tiba Biotech ... “I have now written to vaccine manufacturers to take up my challenge to develop both vaccines ready for use and manufacture in NSW by August 1 next year": Deputy Premier, Paul Toole.

New homes for Tiwi Islands community: Uibo

There’s an air of excitement at Pirlangimpi where 14 families have moved into brand new homes this week, constructed as part of the Territory Labor Government’s $2.1 billion remote housing program ... “Pirlangimpi is one of the Territory’s prettiest places and now it looks even better with rows of new and upgraded homes in a rainbow of colours": Minister for Housing and Homelands Selena Uibo.

Grafton TAFE staff stop work to take action

Cries of “make sure our TAFE is here to stay,” rose high in the air as staff and members of the NSW Teachers Federation from Grafton TAFE joined hundreds of their colleagues across the state on September 21, holding a stop work meeting to voice their concerns regarding uncompetitive salaries, exploitation of casual employees, and untenable workloads.

A flood survey by the people for the people

Here is a survey about the floods that isn’t being conducted by a government department. This flood survey has been designed by locals and the information gathered will be used by residents to inform future decisions in the flood recovery. Evans Head resident Hanabeth Luke found the stories she was hearing after the floods heartbreaking.

Australia’s biggest renewable energy storage targets: Andrews, D’Ambrosio

Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Energy Lily D’Ambrosio have announced the nation-leading targets alongside a $157 million package supporting renewable energy generation and storage projects across the state.

Grave concerns over Inland Rail

A small South East Queensland council holds grave concerns over the future of their community as Inland Rail proceeds full steam ahead with plans to rip through the heart of their towns ... “We have been raising our concerns since this project was first announced and continue to advocate for our community in our ongoing objection to the unreasonable impacts of Inland Rail": Lockyer Valley Regional Council Mayor, Cr Tanya Milligan.

Traditional Owners likely to take over Coen facility

The state government appears likely to hand the keys to the Cape York Biosecurity Centre to local Traditional Owners, with no plans to keep a permanent biosecurity presence. Cape York Weekly can reveal the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has been in talks with the Cape York Land Council about giving the facility to Traditional Owners when it shuts down, which could be in a matter of months.

More of the great koala scam: Vic Jurskis

Back in May, NSW’s Natural Resources Commission and Department of Primary Industries, as well as three universities, quietly published a report about forest monitoring. It states that north coast koala populations have been stable for the last five years, despite 30 per cent of koala habitat being burnt by the disastrous Black Summer megafires ... NSW bureaucrats obviously know that the koala population wasn’t adversely affected by Black Summer. So, one wonders why they’re not shouting the good news from the rooftops.

Rockhampton Regional Council to launch annual animal inspection program

Rockhampton Regional Council will be launching a Systematic Animal Inspection Program across all properties within the Rockhampton Local Government Area ... “This program allows Council to ensure that animal owners are following all relevant Local Laws, which are intended to protect the welfare of animals...": Planning and Regulation Councillor Grant Mathers.

Build it and they will come: freshwater anglers to reap rewards of fish habitat trial: FRDC

Log cabins and synthetic trees are part of a successful trial of fish-attracting structures in Queensland which could be just the boon freshwater fishers have been angling for ... the dam stretches over 500 hectares and the hunting ground was too spread out, the fish too hard to find.

There was no consultation over licence expansion plan, says key stakeholder

The Victorian Government has been accused of “side-stepping the consultation process” over proposed changes to animals welfare laws that could see licences brought in for horse events and any commercial horse activity. Animal Care Australia (ACA) horses and livestock representative Karri Nadazdy said as a major stakeholder, ACA responded to the Animal Welfare Act Reform Directions Paper in December 2020 and said no warning was given that licensing was under consideration.

Youth Roundtable talks NT strategy in Alice Springs: Moss

Mental health, education and the environment are the top priorities for the Northern Territory Youth Round Table. The Round Table has met for the first time in Alice Springs with members wanting to ensure that young voices are heard in regions across the Territory.

Central Queensland battery charges ahead: Miles

Central Queensland is stepping up in Queensland’s renewable energy revolution with cheap, clean energy now being exported via a new grid connected battery at Tanby, south of Yeppoon ... “It means renewable energy made during Central Queensland’s many sunny days can be stored to use during peak demand periods in the evening": Deputy Premier and State Development Minister Steven Miles .

Licences for professionals and events possible under new laws

Licences for any professional horse activity and events in Victoria could be brought in under proposed new animal welfare laws. The proposal has been outlined in a plan developed as part of the reform process for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 and states that anyone “showing and exhibiting animals for a commercial purpose” would be subject to new regulations, including that a “licence is required”.

Closed meeting to discuss Gingin development agreement

Gingin council went behind closed doors this week to consider entering a deed of agreement relating to Lot 601 Brockman St, which is prime land with residential, town centre and parks and recreation reserve zonings. What proposal was put forward by the applicant Acumen Development Solutions for the 17.7ha lot owned by George Gifford has not been made public but after the confidential session the shire said the councillors had given in-principle support for what had been proposed in relation to public open space.

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