Thursday, December 7, 2023



Shearer continues to make strides

Lockhart female shearer Nicki Guttler continues to make a name for herself in the male-dominated field of shearing ... Nicki started off shearing in the Open competition as the only female competing and surprised even herself by coming sixteenth out of 35 leaving quite a few seasoned Open shearers in her wake.

What really happened on the Awassi Express

Rick Wilson: Given the highly dubious morality and legality of Animals Australia's actions and the privileged relationship they enjoy with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Slade Brockman, who's with me here in the chamber tonight, and I wrote to Minister Murray Watt. I will quote verbatim from this letter, which was sent to Murray Watt on 27 November 2023 ...

A government at sea: John Hassell

John Hassell. The ban on live sheep is inherently unfair and Australians can see it. Roger Cook can see it. Let’s hope for the Albanese Government’s sake they recognise it too before the next election. Underestimate Australia’s farmers at your peril.

Kaniva’s newest addition to the sheep art trail

A delightful new addition to Kaniva's streets is soon to capture the hearts of residents and visitors alike. Meet Gummy, a charming children's sheep brought to life by the artistic talents of Heather Wallis, Sally Hicks and Jeanette Feder.

Live X, government, courts and the activists

Here we go again, yet another example of a live export case in the courts that has fallen over because the emotional rhetoric does not match up to the facts.This is what happens when animal activists and activist ministers come together and attempt to use the legal system to end a legitimate trade.

Despicable and warped moral compass

Occasionally I come across a speech in parliament by one of our elected representatives that needs to be shared loud and wide.  The following was made by Western Australian Liberal Senator Slade Brockman, President of the Senate, ex farmer, lawyer, PGA staffer and tireless defender of the people who make their income from primary industries. All those who oppose the live export trade should take the time to read what he has to say.

October records mixed results for rural commodity prices: NAB

Australian chickpea, dairy and lamb prices recorded notable increases in October, partially offsetting the downward pressure on the NAB Rural Commodities Index* from declining cattle prices ... NAB’s November Rural Commodities Wrap reports the Index fell 1.8 per cent in October...

Latest ABS data shows increasing livestock slaughter and decreased saleyard values: MLA

The latest livestock products data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that Australia has entered a destocking phase for cattle and sheep, according to MLA ... Mr Bignell said the latest ABS statistics for the September quarter showed a 5.7 percent increase in red meat production, with cattle slaughter increased by 10.5 per cent to 1.9 million head…

Yes, Minister, we will sell your message for you

I recently received a copy of a letter sent from the Federal Department of Agriculture to a farming family in Beverley in response to their letter to the Minister for Agriculture, Murray Watt, asking him to explain the basis of the government’s policy to phase out live exports. Unfortunately, the Minister was too busy searching for the magical new markets for mutton that he promises exist, which will replace live export sheep, to have the time to put his own name to a reply, so he delegated the response to his loyal department.

No Labor modelling to end live sheep exports: Littleproud

Labor failed to undertake modelling on the impact of banning live sheep exports, before announcing the shutdown of the live sheep export trade. The revelations came during Question Time in Parliament, when leader of The Nationals and Shadow Agriculture Minister David Littleproud asked Prime Minister Anthony Albanese if Labor had undertaken any economic modelling on the impact of closing the $85 million industry.

Farmers make 11th hour plea to maintain live sheep trade: NFF

The Keep Farmers Farming campaign has landed in Perth this week, with advertising targeting marginal seats sharing farmers’ fears about a phase-out of live sheep exports ... “This policy is already hurting and frustrating farmers. We’re already hearing accounts of farmers getting out of sheep because they don’t know what the future holds": NFF President David Jochinke.

Call to action: ACCC must investigate supermarket meat prices: Littleproud

“According to Meat and Livestock Australia, some sheep and lamb categories have fallen by up to 70 per cent in the saleyards in the last 12 months. Lamb prices have drastically reduced and cattle prices have fallen by about 60 per cent. Yet families at the supermarkets have barely noticed a difference in prices”: David Littleproud.

Tough times

“What a difference a year makes,” said Naracoorte Lucindale mayor Patrick Ross, reflecting on his first 12 months as a civic leader. Tough economic conditions are gouging deep into the lives of many – a direct contrast to that leading up to last year’s November 10 SA local government elections.

Tasmanian Farmers join national chorus to campaign against anti-farming policies: TFGA

Tasmanian Farmers have backed a national advocacy campaign in the fight against anti-farming policies that impact our farmers. Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers (TFGA) President Ian Sauer said the farmers across Australia have united in a call for federal politicians to say no to government policy which is putting billions in farm production at risk.

New President launches national campaign against anti-farming policies: NFF

An unprecedented campaign against anti-farming policies has been launched by new NFF President David Jochinke in his first day in the role. Speaking in Canberra at the National Farmers’ Federation National Conference, Mr Jochinke called on parliamentarians to stand up against policies which threaten to slash billions from farm production.

Calls for Labor to come clean on live sheep export ban: Littleproud

Leader of The Nationals and Shadow Agriculture Minister David Littleproud is calling on Labor to release the findings of an Independent Panel Report into the ban of live sheep exports ... “Minister Watt didn’t have the courage to travel with the panel and look farmers in the eye himself to say he was stopping the trade – so the least he can do is release the report”: Leader of The Nationals and Shadow Agriculture Minister David Littleproud.

A-EU FTA negotiations must deliver for red meat: MLA

Ahead of what may be a final push for the Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement (A-EU FTA) negotiations, the Australian red meat industry is adamant that the Australian Government maintains its stated objective of securing significant increases in market access for red meat. Industry representatives will travel to Osaka next week to coincide with Trade Minister Farrell meeting with his EU counterpart, and encourage the Minister to continue the mission of ‘levelling the playing field’ for Australian beef and sheepmeat access to the EU.

Census snapshot shows changes in agricultural workforce: ABARES

Australia’s agricultural workforce is steadily growing and changing, with more women and young people joining the sector. The ABARES Insights Snapshot of Australia’s agricultural workforce shows the changing state of the agricultural workforce based on data from the 2021 Census of Population and Housing.

Australia’s robust red meat and livestock industry well positioned in the face of volatile climate cycle: MLA

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has published new analysis of the broader market conditions and economic contribution of the red meat industry in the latest State of the Industry Report 2023. The report produced by MLA provides an overview of Australia’s red meat and livestock industry from the prior calendar year.

Kaniva Show Quickshears

At 3 o’clock the annual speed shear at the Kaniva Show kicked off with 50 entries between intermediate and open ... Some very fast times, under 40 seconds to gain a place in the 6-person final for intermediate and under 30 for the open section with a few legendary shearers making their way to the truck to shear one young merino lamb.

Micro abattoir tour excites

The need for humane and accessible abattoir facilities has never been greater as producers are forced out of larger facilities and face ever-increasing costs of transporting their animals. Last week’s meeting and tour with the Murray Plains Meat Co-Operative (MPMC) was well attended with everyone being brought up to speed on how the project is progressing. 

Top young alpaca judges to rank the herd at national finals

Australia's most promising young alpaca judges have been announced by Agricultural Shows Australia as eligible to compete in the national finals of the prestigious annual competition to be judged in October ... Grace Nesbitt, 18, from Illawong will be representing New South Wales in the alpaca young judges competition. 

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