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Killing koalas to “save” polar bears: Robert Onfray

In this article Robert Onfray details the lack of environmental scrutiny of the wind factories and pumped hydro projects built or planned in Queensland as the state sanctions the wholesale clearing of remnant native forest on the coastal ranges straddling the Great Dividing Range ... 10,178 hectares of koala and 6,744 hectares of greater glider habitats are set to disappear if all the renewable proposals in Queensland are approved ... "blunt force trauma" is to be used to euthanise injured animals or those that cannot be relocated, particularly koalas.

Putting rabbits to the test: DAFF

Community members will continue to be able to access free testing services for rabbits and hares, thanks to an Australian Government funded national disease monitoring program. The National Rabbit Disease Monitoring Program is being delivered by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency.

20 years of captive care for Dryococelus australis

Rohan Cleave, Kate Pearce. A big thank you for hosting us on Lord Howe Island (LHI) in September, where we celebrated Threatened Species Day at the LHI Community School and a community event ... The LHI Stick Insect (Dryococelus australis) is one of the world’s most critically endangered invertebrate species. 

Stunning landscapes, unique natural values on Curtis Island to be protected: Linard

The stunning landscapes and unique environments of Curtis Island will be further protected and celebrated under a new Queensland-first partnership. The Palaszczuk Government has purchased the island’s Spadely Station from Bakara Investments Pty Ltd to add the land to Queensland’s protected areas estate, with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to partner with the company to boost eco-tourism and visitor numbers on the island.

Natural Newstead – Getting busy

Geoff Park. After filling the skies above the forest for weeks now, the woodswallows have finally descended to nest. It’s early stages, with some birds incubating and many nests still being constructed. White-browed and Masked Woodswallows often select locations in the lower canopy...

Announcing the winners of the 2023 BirdLife Australia Photography Awards!

Picture this: a solitary heron foraging in the muted, autumnal half-light of dawn. Or an ethereal gull hovering motionless in mid air. Or a lonely stone-curlew gazing wistfully into the artificial lights of a forbidden destination. These and more are the winning entries of the sixth annual BirdLife Australia Bird Photography Awards, which have just been announced.

Closure marred by vast contradictions

The Victorian government’s regulation of timber harvesting, which has led to the impending closure of Gippsland’s native forest industry in January, directly contradicts the joint national-state approach to ensure biodiversity alongside a timber industry over the previous 30 years, analysis shows ... When setting up the National Forest Policy Statement in the 1990s, the JANIS working group – conservation scientists and planners from all states and the CSIRO – drew up the criteria to form a CAR (comprehensive, adequate and representative) reserve system.

New measures to protect one of the Tweed’s most beloved birds

Safeguarding of osprey population taken to new heights with interactive website and calls for community help. This November, Council is shining a spotlight on one of the Tweed’s favourite top-order predators – the osprey, listed as vulnerable to extinction in NSW.

Snake season

Be on the lookout for hungry and angry venomous snakes. That’s the message from a local snake catcher as the weather starts to warm up in the South East. David Miles says not only has the snake season landed early, but the reptiles are also hungry in warm spring weather, posing danger to people and dogs ... The Australian Reptile Park has also issued an “urgent warning” for people to be on the lookout for venomous snakes, saying a rise in temperatures, coupled with winter rainfall, was the perfect environment for venomous snakes to become more active.

A decade of rainbows – Rainbow Lorikeet tops the 10th Annual Aussie Bird Count: BirdLife Australia

BirdLife Australia, leaders for bird conservation in Australia, reveal the preliminary results for the Aussie Bird Count. With more than 420,000 counted, the colourful Rainbow Lorikeet once again comes out on top, beating the Noisy Miner with nearly 220,000 and the iconic Australian Magpie with around 154,000 counted.

New arrival at Altina

Two black-and-white ruffed lemurs have been paired together at the Altina Wildlife Park near Darlington Point. The species is critically endangered due to poaching and deforestation and one is from England and will provide genetic diversity to the Australian lemur population.

How did the turtle cross the road? Community asked to assist to help protect reptilian friends: Landscape SA

As spring turtle nesting season begins, the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board is asking drivers to play a crucial role in helping to protect the region’s vulnerable freshwater turtles. Turtle fatalities as a result of traffic accidents are a significant contributor to the steep decline in freshwater turtle numbers in the Murraylands and Riverland.

Kangaroo Island named one of world’s best travel destinations: Bettison, Bignell

Kangaroo Island has been named one of the world’s top destinations to visit – and is the only Australian destination to make the list. Ranked as #2 by global travel authority, Lonely Planet, in its 2024 Top Regions Hotlist, Kangaroo Island is recognised as a premier eco-tourism destination which offers distinct local produce, abundant native wildlife, natural experiences, and some of the nation’s most pristine beaches.

Calls for citizen scientists to spring into action on conservation efforts: MDBA

Citizen scientists are being called to swap their backyards for a local waterway by joining a wave of volunteers across the Murray–Darling Basin to help with conservation efforts. The spring sampling season of the Great Australian Wildlife Search, delivered by Odonata Foundation, has started.

We did it! Leading-edge ultrasound now at Red Box Wildlife Centre

The end goal of the recent Maldon Inc Kangaroo Art Project was finally realised last Friday when the much-anticipated Mylab Five VET ultrasound machine was installed in the treatment clinic at Red Box Wildlife Shelter. The ultrasound machine will assist volunteer Senior Veterinary Surgeon Dr Mark Sayer in expediting diagnosis of internal injuries in kangaroos.

Count draws koala spotters

Over a hundred people gathered at the Narrandera Flora and Fauna Reserve recently to attend the annual Koala Count event ... "These magnificent creatures have since spread far and wide, and the community are determined to uncover the full extent of their reach. It is reported that 25 koalas were counted this year, with five of them accompanied by their adorable little joeys, bringing the total tally to 30."

It’s time to step out and look up: The annual Aussie Bird Count is here!

Seen our new celebrity bird of the year the Swift Parrot flapping around? Now it’s time to celebrate our feathered friends by participating in the Aussie Bird Count ... This year celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Aussie Bird Count, BirdLife Australia is proud to be the voice for Australia's birds for over a century.

Dog walkers urged to respect nesting birds

Patricia Gill. Walkers are asked to curb their dogs around incubating hooded plover chicks after a fence and signs warning of nesting parent birds were stolen at Lights Beach. BirdLife Australia beach-nesting birds project officer Lisa Nicholson assured dog-walkers that the rope fence and signs were only temporary and the eastern side of Lights Beach would not be closed to dogs.

In Conversation: Leila Jeffreys with Julie Mclaren

We have just confirmed that acclaimed Sydney-based wildlife photographer Leila Jeffreys will be visiting Ballarat later this month for the launch of her work on the new Art Screen in Alfred Deakin Place. Join her as she discusses her career and experiences working with birds with Gallery Curator Julie McLaren.

Boost for koala conservation in South-East Qld: Plibersek, Neumann

The $2m project being carried out in Grandchester and Flinders Peak will include activities like planting koala-friendly trees, removing weeds that prevent koalas moving between existing koala habitat and are a fire risk, reducing livestock grazing on habitat to facilitate natural regeneration, and protecting existing koala habitat through fire management. The project will be delivered by Healthy Land and Water, and will support landholders to better protect koalas on their land. 

Farmers welcome Wild Dog Management Plan Extension: VFF

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) has welcomed a one year extension to the Wild Dog Management Plan after calling for its renewal in recent weeks ... “It just made sense to extend the highly successful Wild Dog Management Plan”: VFF Livestock Group Vice-President and Tallangatta farmer Peter Star.

Update on Checkpoint – Lord Howe Island officially declared rodent free

Suzie Christensen. The Checkpoint program conducted in July 2023 has found no sign of rats or mice on Lord Howe Island for over two years, signalling a significant milestone in the Rodent Eradication Project ... More than 950 detection device checks were undertaken using 140 tracking tunnels, 32 trail cameras, and 300 wax tags and chew cards, along with sweeps with detection dogs.

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