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Rabobank Global Dairy Quarterly Q3 2022: Potential collision ahead?

Global dairy market fundamentals have shifted course in Q3 2022, from extreme tightness to visible but modest loosening. A potential collision between supply growth and demand is approaching, with Q4 year-on-year milk supply growth, weak Chinese import demand, and broader demand rationing in developing countries weighing on forecasts, according to the latest international dairy market report from Rabobank.

Farming exports forecast to reach record $70.3 billion: ABARES

Exceptional growing conditions and high global prices are continuing to benefit Australian agricultural production and exports. The ABARES September quarter Agricultural Commodities Report is forecasting agricultural export earnings to climb to a record $70.3 billion for 2022-23 – almost 50% more than what it was 10 years ago after accounting for inflation.

Australia in ‘box seat’ as global consumers trade down to beef ‘trimmings’: Rabobank

Global demand for cheaper cuts of beef is expected to increase in the year ahead as rampant inflation and slowing economic growth see consumers trade down, Rabobank says in a newly-released report. And Australia - as one of the largest exporters of beef "trimmings" (the cheaper meat cuts which remain after prime cuts are removed) - is expected to be among the best-positioned countries to benefit from this increased international demand, particularly from the US, the agribusiness bank says in its Q3 Global Beef Quarterly.

Sea Swift to put up prices by 14.5% from September

Samuel Davis. Cape York and Torres Strait residents will fork out more for essential services after northern Australia’s largest shipping company announced it was increasing the cost to ship freight to remote communities. Sea Swift has announced a 14.5 per cent hike for cargo shipments, starting next month.

Chinese meat market “still firing” despite lockdowns and slowing economy: Rabobank

Australia's beef and sheepmeat sectors can expect continuing demand from China despite its slowing economy and continued lockdowns impacting how the country consumes animal proteins. Speaking on a newly-released podcast, Is the Chinese meat market still firing?, Rabobank's Hong Kong-based senior animal protein analyst Chenjun Pan said China's lockdown policies have affected the population's protein consumption habits, with the major short-term change being where people are consuming food.

Port of Mackay powering good jobs through record exports: Qld Gov

The Port of Mackay has broken a decade-long record to post its greatest trade year by volume. Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Cameron Dick said the 3.6 million tonne throughput for 2021-22 beat the previous record for 2012-13. partners with Australian farmer network ONFARM, the leading provider of secure online payments and a wholly owned subsidiary of Freelancer Limited (ASX: FLN, OTCQX: FLNCF), has announced a partnership with ONFARM, a world-first agricultural meeting and marketplace founded in Australia and available worldwide. The partnership will help secure farmer-to-farmer transactions for livestock, hay, grains, machinery, farming equipment and more.

Export success brings water to Indian farms, jobs to Shepparton

Victorian irrigation innovator Rubicon Water is maximising water use on farms from the Murray Darling to India and beyond, driving jobs growth at its key Shepparton base ... In Karnataka, the Rubicon Water system manages the water supply to more than 400,000 hectares of farmland through 1,250 kilometres of canals.

Global headwinds put pressure on local agri sector

Many Australian farmers are still battling to get grain crops planted due to wet conditions, while the global wheat outlook price remains elevated and buyers will be hoping prices will ease as the northern hemisphere supply comes to market.

An ‘avo-lanche’ of avocados – Australia needs to consume and export more avocados as production continues to soar: Rabobank

Australia will need to both consume and export more avocados as the nation’s growers navigate a period of soaring production growth over the coming five years, specialist agribusiness bank Rabobank says in a new report. This year alone, ‘per capita (person) supply’ of avocados is estimated to be up 26 per cent on the previous 12 months to 4.8 kilogram – equating to 22 avocados per Australian.

Australian and Indonesian livestock sectors work together to limit disease spread: MLA

The Australian livestock industry will work with Indonesian feedlots to help protect their facilities from disease incursions and subsequent trade disruption via a biosecurity support project jointly funded by the Australian Government and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) ... MLA responded to a question from ARR.News about border closures.

Open trade key for food security: ABARES

Trade policy and reducing agricultural support have a strong role to play in guaranteeing international food security, according to the latest Insights report from ABARES ... “Trade plays an important role in helping improve the distribution of food and its affordability. Open trade helps move food to where it’s needed and can promote higher incomes, creating better access to food" : Executive Director of ABARES Dr Jared Greenville.

International container freight costs to soften for Australia’s ag sector, but no return to pre-pandemic lows on the horizon: Rabobank

Australia’s agricultural sector can expect to contend with elevated ocean container shipping costs and ongoing supply disruptions for at least another year before a ‘normalisation’ of the global ocean freight system, according to new research from Rabobank.

Stop making excuses on biosecurity: NSW Farmers

NSW Farmers President James Jackson has slammed government officials for being wishy-washy on biosecurity controls such as foot baths ... “The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry says they can’t have antiseptic foot baths at airports because a child might fall in them,” Mr Jackson said.

Foot and Mouth Disease – a risk for all rural areas: Mark Allison, Agribusiness Australia

The risk of an FMD outbreak in Australia has been given a probability of 9% (1%/19%). The advent of FMD in Indonesia increases the likelihood of an incursion into Australia. We should not have waited until FMD or any disease was close to bring attention to the risk of exotic diseases ... In the event of an outbreak of FMD, we would immediately lose a large number of our premium livestock markets. The longer an outbreak takes to be controlled, the longer we are shut out of premium markets.

Export restrictions contribute to global food price pressure

Moves by governments to restrict exports only exacerbate price rises and increase food insecurity, according to the latest Insights report from ABARES. Executive Director of ABARES Dr Jared Greenville said there were lessons to be learnt from the 2007-08 food crisis.

Caution creeps into Australian farm sector as rising production costs and impacts of war take gloss off high prices

Results of the quarter two Rabobank Rural Confidence Survey, reveal optimism about high agricultural commodity prices and the prospect of a third consecutive bumper grains harvest has been reined in by the increasing cost of vital farm inputs such as fertiliser, fuel, freight and machinery and broader inflationary pressures in the Australian economy.

Record exports conceal ‘cost of farming’ crunch: NFF

The latest Government figures show agricultural exports reaching a record $64.9 billion in 2022-23, but National Farmers’ Federation President Fiona Simson says these positive numbers conceal the "cost of farming" crunch impacting farmers and consumers.

Cairns Group Farm Leaders call for urgent action on WTO ag trade reform

The international coalition of farm organisations, Cairns Group Farm Leaders, has highlighted the need for urgent agricultural trade reform to meet global challenges of food security, climate change and hunger ahead of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ministerial conference and a Cairns Group WTO meeting.

Call for stock stop rehearsals from WAFarmers

Indonesia has 280 million people of which 38 million are farmers. Between them have 16 million cattle and 9 million pigs spread across 6000 inhabited islands, extending 5,500km East to West and 1,800km North to South. As the borders open and the world starts travelling again, we can look forward to the return of the 50 flights a week between Bali and Perth.  Each of these flights will carry the risk of the transmission of Lumpy Skin and Foot and Mouth Disease into Australia.

‘Hopes for a hat trick’ – forecast record Australian winter crop planting sees potential for third consecutive bumper harvest: Rabobank

Australia is laying the groundwork for a third consecutive bumper harvest, with this year’s total planted crop area forecast to reach a record 23.83 million hectares, Rabobank says in its just-released 2022/23 Winter Crop Outlook ... Locally, the bank says, “hopes are on” another large winter crop to allow Australian farmers to secure good margins in the face of high costs for inputs including fertiliser, fuel, freight and agrochemicals.

Opportunities and risks for Australian agriculture amid global volatility

Ongoing inflationary pressures, a weaker global economic outlook and the prospect of a wet winter across many production regions of Australia is causing volatility for the agriculture sector... NAB Senior Agribusiness Economist, Phin Ziebell, said Australian agriculture was facing a number of opportunities and risks as a result of current global conditions.

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