Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Minister Uibo visits Tennant Creek and welcomes family to refurbished home in Elliott

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Minister Uibo has set her focus on Tennant Creek and Elliott, in a three-day visit meet with stakeholders and local organisations, as well as celebrate a record 14 houses being fixed up and handed back to families this week.

Minister Uibo has sat down with organisations and the community regarding Local Decision Making, remote housing, health, mental health and employment.

She said it has been an important visit to Tennant Creek and is pleased to see the great progress in housing repairs in Elliott Town Camps.

“It is important for all Territorians to have safe and secure housing, and I am pleased to see the great progress made in the Elliott community to improve housing,” she said.

“There are some great things happening in Tennant Creek, while many issues need careful consideration there are so many passionate people working hard to make a difference across the town and in the Barkly region.

“It has been valuable to meet with local organisations that support the everyday wellbeing and livelihoods of Territorians in the Barkly region who continue to come together to improve the region.”

During her trip she has discussed about successful program and pathways that could be used to help improve education, training, workforce growth and education in the Barkly region.

Today she is visiting Elliott and handing the keys to the Murphy family and their four children in Elliott Town Camp, marking the 14th family to move back into their improved homes this week.

The Territory Labor Government says it is investing $6.6 million to construct eight new homes in Elliott town camps, delivered nine new homes to Elliott so far and have made great progress with repairs and maintenance of all homes in North and South Town Camps.

Aboriginal Enterprises Australia has been delivering repairs in Elliott North and South Camps.

Tennant & District Times 5 April 2024

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 5 April 2024.


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