Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Book review

Review – Walkabout to Wisdom

In many ways this captivating book describes the relationship between the author, Lachlan Hughson, and his much loved Australian Outback. In travels rivalling those of Odysseus in extent, the author takes us across the vast expanse of the ancient Australian continent, mixing geological insights, historical background, and personal experiences with vivid descriptions of nature in all its forms.

New release

New release – Abandoned

In the country town of Alumuna Creek, things are about to turn deadly. Samuel Levi, a young man molded into a life of crime, is left to die in the harsh Australian outback after a botched drug deal.


Tale about NT town has links to the Barkly

When Caroline Graham and Kylie Stevenson set out to write a book about the town of Larrimah, 490km north of Tennant Creek, they had no idea the research would lead them all over the Northern Territory, including the Barkly region. The journalists, who met in a newsroom in Mackay 15 years ago, first told the story of missing man Paddy Moriarty in their 2018 Walkley Award-winning podcast Lost in Larrimah.


Book reviews

Review – Flames of Rebellion

The opening quotation of Henry Lawson’s ‘Ode to Peter Lalor’ sets the tone for what is to come in this rollicking tale set in colonial Australia at the height of the gold rush in the mid nineteenth century. The themes of mateship, danger, struggle against authority and the enticement of that precious metal – gold – are all there.

Review – The Forgotten Menzies

An in-depth review of Stephen A Chavura and Greg Melluish's investigation into the philosophical roots of Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister.

Review – Our Sunburnt Country

No matter what one's position might be on the many variations of the Climate Change discussion, it is apparent that this well written book is a call from the heart for immediate action, with the author's focus being - ‘How do we simultaneously achieve good health for people and our planet?’

Book review

Review – From Goobarragandra to Long Plain: Volume 1

This superbly researched book documents 146 years of European activity in the northern Snowy Mountains and is replete with excellent maps and very helpful photographs which place the discussion into context, enabling the reader to visualise the descriptions clearly.

Film review

Film review – Disclosure

When a 4-year-old girl, Natasha, makes a serious allegation against a politician’s 9-year-old son, an attempt by the children’s parents to tackle the issue in a cooperative way soon degenerates into a vicious confrontation.

New releases

New release – The Colonial’s Son

As the son of 'the Colonial', legendary Queen's Captain Ian Steele, Josiah Steele has big shoes to fill. Although his home in New South Wales is a world away, he dreams of one day travelling to England to study to be a commissioned officer in the Scottish Regiment.

New release – Vandemonians: The Repressed History of Colonial Victoria

From award-winning author and historian Janet McCalman, the engrossing tale of Tasmanian convict settlers in colonial Victoria. It was meant to be 'Victoria the Free', uncontaminated by the Convict Stain. Yet they came in their tens of thousands as soon as they were cut free or able to bolt. More than half of all those transported to Van Diemen's Land as convicts would one day settle or spend time in Victoria.

New release – The Long Game

A summer of relentless heat. A local surfer named Ray Carlson is found dead in a house not far from Portsea back beach. There’s a kitchen knife deep in his chest, and blood everywhere.

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