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The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper

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Established in 1909.

As a border town the newspaper covers both New South Wales and Victorian issues at a local level.

From Cohuna, Gannawarra, Kerang and Murrabit on the Victorian side, to Moulamein, Deniliquin, Caldwell, Wakool and Barham on the NSW side.

A weekly Thursday edition, printed 50 weeks of the year.

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Micro abattoir offers solutions

The Pattisons, from 'Minmi' at Burraboi, market their beef directly through the Pattison Pastoral brand, tapping into consumer demand for sustainably raised beef with provenance. Hayley is excited by the opportunities the new micro abattoir will bring. “It will do wonders for my brand to have local processing ... With my paddock to plate business, the welfare of the animals is so important."

Latest research shows our schoolkids must be allowed to go back: Peter Walsh

The Nationals leader and Member for Murray Plains, Peter Walsh, says regional Victorian students – especially those at smaller schools – will be left at a significant disadvantage under the Andrews Labor Government’s staggered return to school plan ... Research released by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute found lockdowns and school closures – not COVID – are the main risks to children and adolescent health in this pandemic.

Koondrook ride park opens: again!

Kendall Jennings. With recreation placed on hold due to New South Wales and Victorian restrictions, sport in the area has either been put on hold or cancelled. Local forest closures and watering have also hindered social riding of motorcycles, making the Koondrook Ride Park the place to be last weekend.

Previous articles

Home visit for PS Emmylou

Kendall Jennings. Koondrook Barham was graced with a visit by the paddlesteamer Emmylou on Tuesday afternoon, September 14. Built in Barham in the 1980s and named after American country singer Emmylou Harris, the vessel is a small motel catering for 16 passengers and a small crew of three or four. This was the first visit from PS Emmylou in 38 years and was shadowed by the Pride of the Murray on its Echuca return leg. The Pride of the Murray is returning from Swan Hill, where it was in the dry dock for maintenance.

Mischievous mice

Mice have been a reoccurring theme for Darcy Hare in this year’s canola crop. “This will be our fifth treatment, four from the ground and a fifth from the air,” said Mr Hare. The Hare family have 290 hectares of canola planted and the mice have damaged 60% of their crops reducing yield by an estimated 15-25%.

Tell us about: parkrun

Kirstin Nicholson. Regardless of the weather, runners and walkers can be seen pounding the paths of Garden and Gilrule Parks in Cohuna every Saturday morning. They are part of a global organisation called parkrun. parkrun is a free, timed 5km event held every Saturday morning, not just in Cohuna, but all over the world, originating in England in 2004. Runners and walkers of all ages and fitness levels are welcome and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are.

Floods coming, yet allocations absent

A flood is coming. The forecast flow downstream of Yarrawonga is estimated to reach 50–60,000 megalitres per day (split between Tuppal and Bullatale Creeks and the Murray River) and the Goulburn has had minor flooding, with flows of 21,000 megalitres a day ... Our food producers now face what is an allocation drought during a flood event.

NSW and Vic Parliament suspension continues

Despite COVIDSafe Plans, masks, social distancing and vaccinations, both New South Wales and Victorian Parliaments remain suspended. Are politicians not essential? Surely good governance is! What is it called when a state is run by one side of politics with no accountability or questioning?

Village life during Covid-19 times

Kirstin Nicholson. Fondly known as ‘The Village’, the Respect Cohuna Village is the retirement home of 45 of the district’s elderly residents. Don’t let the terms ‘elderly’ or ‘retirement’ put you off, their lifestyle is by no means sedentary. The village is a hive of activity with visiting family and friends, health professionals and volunteers who attend to treat, entertain, care for the residents and enhance their life. That was until COVID-19 came on the scene.

About The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper

The Koondrook Barham Bridge was established in 1909.

As a border town, the newspaper covers both New South Wales and Victorian issues at a local level.

From Cohuna, Gannawarra, Kerang and Murrabit on the Victorian side, to Moulamein, Deniliquin, Caldwell, Wakool and Barham on the NSW side.

We produce a weekly Thursday edition, printed 50 weeks of the year.

Our aim is to inform, advocate for and celebrate the amazing work of our diverse and stoic community.

Our industries range from:

Agriculture- sheep, cattle, dairy, pigs, wheat, barley, rice, canola, oranges, grapefruit, avocados, hay, goats, buffalo, aquaculture;
Forestry- predominately red gum, value added products like bridge beams, flooring, fencing, furniture etc and bulk like firewood;
Manufacturing and Engineering services for mining, agriculture, food tech and much more.


Our nature based assets include but not limited to:
Gunbower Forest
Gunbower Island Forest
Koondrook- Pericoota Forest
Guttrum Forest
Benwell Forest
Campbells Island Forest
Murray River
Wakool River
Niemur River
Gunbower Creek
Merran Creek
Billabong Creek
Eagle Creek.

We are blessed to have an amazing team that love our regions and also have roots in our community.

Our opinions may be as diverse as our population, but we strive to treat all with the love and respect that all deserve.

All the best.
Lloyd Polkinghorne



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