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The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper

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Established in 1909.

As a border town the newspaper covers both New South Wales and Victorian issues at a local level.

From Cohuna, Gannawarra, Kerang and Murrabit on the Victorian side, to Moulamein, Deniliquin, Caldwell, Wakool and Barham on the NSW side.

A weekly Thursday edition, printed 50 weeks of the year.

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Shared vision

cluBarham has finalised a 5-year strategic overview ... The 5-year strategic vision aim is to directly contribute to local population and tourism growth that will enhance the economic benefit to the community. ... “The main vision of it is really to focus on population growth and community support" : cluBarham CEO, Jason Wallace.

MDBA starts dam releases

To demonstrate the magnitude of ignorance, look no further than the coffers of Australia’s largest irrigator, the taxpayer funded Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH). For the 2021-22 season, the CEWH has a total of 2,365,000 megalitres – 1,640,000 in new allocation and 725,000 in carryover from the year previous – 1,030,400 of that in the Murray system. As of March 31, 2022, the CEWH had used 492,200 megalitres in the Murray system for the 2021-22 season.

Women’s Footy Day visits Kerang

Kendall Jennings. The inaugural ‘Girls Footy Festival’ made its stop at Kerang on Sunday, May 15. Three games of Under 14s girls football kicked off the action in the morning, supported by a match from the Bendigo Junior Football League Under 18 girls scheduled to play at Woorinen, which was moved to Kerang, followed by a Central Victorian Women's League match in the afternoon.

Previous articles

Jack’s formula for success

Joan De Bondt. Young Jack Thomas from Koondrook has landed a dream job in England as a performance engineer with the Aston Martin F1 team based in Silverstone, around a hundred kilometers from London. Jack has been in his new job for three months. He is a graduate performance engineer, motivated to learn, contribute and win in fast-paced, team environments.

‘Day of reckoning’ is fast approaching: Speak Up

“It is impossible for this to be achieved by 2024. So, what happens then? Will we have huge volumes of water sitting in dams supposedly for ‘environmental use’ that cannot be released because it won’t fit down the system, but not enough water allocated to growing the food and fibre our nation needs? Under this scenario, regional communities will continue to suffer, and every Australian will be hit by increased cost of living" : Speak Up Chair, Shelley Scoullar.

Sophie wants change

Kirstin Nicholson. Sophie Baldwin wants to make a change. The Cohuna born and bred woman is standing in the upcoming federal election. She is the first woman from this district to stand in a federal election, and the first person to stand as an independent ... Passionate about water advocacy, in 2020, she started working with Southern Riverina Irrigators and it soon became evident that someone needed to have a louder and stronger voice.

Butternuts a winner!

As the major parties’ promises, mudslinging and cheesy photoshoots flow thick and fast on the federal election campaign, real people are showcasing the spirit of their electorates. Nathan Free is a third generation fruit and vegetable grower from Tresco who can see a lot of issues that need addressing and has donated two crates of organic butternut pumpkins to Independent Mallee Candidate Sophie Baldwin to start the goodwill ball rolling.

Help with hugs

Kirstin Nicholson. There has been a buzz of activity amongst the Cohuna Lions Club’s Leos and Cubs. The Leos and Cubs, which comprise children aged 9 to 18, have been busy sewing items for children in flood-affected Lismore, New South Wales.

State awards for Wakool Show

Joan de Bondt. Each year, the Agricultural Societies Council of NSW (ASC) recognises the excellence, dedication, resilience and innovation of agricultural show volunteers across the state. The joint winners of the ASC Dedication Award for 2022 are June Lowry and George Rathbone from Wakool Show.

About The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper

The Koondrook Barham Bridge was established in 1909.

As a border town, the newspaper covers both New South Wales and Victorian issues at a local level.

From Cohuna, Gannawarra, Kerang and Murrabit on the Victorian side, to Moulamein, Deniliquin, Caldwell, Wakool and Barham on the NSW side.

We produce a weekly Thursday edition, printed 50 weeks of the year.

Our aim is to inform, advocate for and celebrate the amazing work of our diverse and stoic community.

Our industries range from:

Agriculture- sheep, cattle, dairy, pigs, wheat, barley, rice, canola, oranges, grapefruit, avocados, hay, goats, buffalo, aquaculture;
Forestry- predominately red gum, value added products like bridge beams, flooring, fencing, furniture etc and bulk like firewood;
Manufacturing and Engineering services for mining, agriculture, food tech and much more.


Our nature based assets include but not limited to:
Gunbower Forest
Gunbower Island Forest
Koondrook- Pericoota Forest
Guttrum Forest
Benwell Forest
Campbells Island Forest
Murray River
Wakool River
Niemur River
Gunbower Creek
Merran Creek
Billabong Creek
Eagle Creek.

We are blessed to have an amazing team that love our regions and also have roots in our community.

Our opinions may be as diverse as our population, but we strive to treat all with the love and respect that all deserve.

All the best.
Lloyd Polkinghorne



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