Friday, September 17, 2021



Innovation at heart of NSW water strategy: Pavey

The NSW Government has launched the NSW Water Strategy, a 20-year blueprint to deliver resilient and sustainable water resources to communities across the state ... The strategy coincides with the launch of the Water Project Map, a new tool for people to access information about all water infrastructure projects across NSW.

Statewide forum to help farmers manage spring mice surge, 21 September 2021

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall will lead a statewide forum bringing together key farming, research and industry players to help farmers manage a spring surge in mouse numbers across NSW.

Home visit for PS Emmylou

Kendall Jennings. Koondrook Barham was graced with a visit by the paddlesteamer Emmylou on Tuesday afternoon, September 14. Built in Barham in the 1980s and named after American country singer Emmylou Harris, the vessel is a small motel catering for 16 passengers and a small crew of three or four. This was the first visit from PS Emmylou in 38 years and was shadowed by the Pride of the Murray on its Echuca return leg. The Pride of the Murray is returning from Swan Hill, where it was in the dry dock for maintenance.

Mischievous mice

Mice have been a reoccurring theme for Darcy Hare in this year’s canola crop. “This will be our fifth treatment, four from the ground and a fifth from the air,” said Mr Hare. The Hare family have 290 hectares of canola planted and the mice have damaged 60% of their crops reducing yield by an estimated 15-25%.

Tell us about: parkrun

Kirstin Nicholson. Regardless of the weather, runners and walkers can be seen pounding the paths of Garden and Gilrule Parks in Cohuna every Saturday morning. They are part of a global organisation called parkrun. parkrun is a free, timed 5km event held every Saturday morning, not just in Cohuna, but all over the world, originating in England in 2004. Runners and walkers of all ages and fitness levels are welcome and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are.

Resistance set to change how farmers manage flystrike this season

For the first time in more than 20 years, farmers are having to rethink their strategy for managing flystrike. Recently documented chemical resistance, coupled with wet and warm conditions this spring, means there is the threat of a big flystrike season ahead.

Worker reforms welcomed by NSW Farmers

NSW Farmers welcomes efforts by the Australian Government to streamline the Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) and the Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) under the new Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme, providing a simplified process for farm businesses to access the schemes.  The Government’s commitment to bring an additional 12,500 workers from the Pacific region by March 2022 to work in Australian sectors including agriculture will help alleviate the workforce shortage crisis continuing to threaten the productivity of farm enterprises.

Going into dive bomber territory

I took barely two steps from my car and a magpie slammed into the side of my face. I clutched my camera as I ran across the road. “I didn’t expect that,” I said breathless to the waiting residents. Happens all the time, they said. The group of six stood with umbrellas opened above their heads. It was a bright sunny day. The umbrellas were essential to deter the magpie if any of them stepped out of their units ... Marlene has lived on Pratt St for 11 years and the past five had been dominated by the magpie.

Time to pad up for a new season

Claire Rankin. The Evans Head Hammerheads club’s Tracey Bodley said the club needed up to 10 cricketers to meet a shortfall caused by players moving away for work and other reasons ... The Casino RSM Redbacks Cricket Club is looking for cricketers of all ages and experience to play in the Casino and Lismore competition. Family combinations are encouraged, as well as those who have previously retired from the game but would like to play again.