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Letters from Home: Of gardens, dogs and Agnes

People who love dogs often love gardens, and often, keeping mental peace while loving the two can be fraught. Many people have written stories about the perils of dogs and plants ... Doctor Seuss ... Banjo Paterson wrote a poem called “A dog’s mistake” ... Pam Ayres also struck trouble ... Enter Agnes…

Crowdfunding to house Easter bunnies bringing joy to women healing from domestic violence

Tennant Creek Women’s Refuge provides vital support for women escaping domestic violence; in many cases, these women and children have had to leave behind treasured possessions or much-loved pets. Recently the Refuge was gifted three baby rabbits, which were unfortunately orphaned when their mother died, and are looking to build a suitable enclosure ...

Day of the Dackel

Join us on Sunday 7 April 2024 for a fun filled day with activities tailored for dachshunds, small dogs, locals, and visitors alike. Day of the Dackel is in its 5th year of running with visitors and hounds coming from as far as Queensland and Tasmania. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Henley Park, on the banks of Lake Wallace, Edenhope, the festivities kick off at 9 am with our market offering an array of dog and human merchandise.

Volunteers in South Australia’s South-East region take the lead for Hearing Dogs

Jess Hattam. After a successful trial of Puppy Carers in the South East, Australian Lions Hearing Dogs are so excited to announce another Puppy Socialiser Information Session. This information session will provide attendees all the information they need of what it takes to open their home and hearts to one of our adorable future Assistance Dogs.

Letters from Home: The story of the new fish

So - I was given a lovely barrel fountain some time back. It has a top half with what looks like an old hand pump that runs by solar and trickles water into the larger lower cask. I love it and the sounds of the water. Recently, for some totally unknown reason, I decided I might like some fish in it... 

A paws-itive outcome for young readers

Will Hunter. Local school students continue to be supported in becoming lifelong learners by furry reading companions. Each week during the school term, Story Dog volunteers spend a couple of hours encouraging students to read aloud to their dogs, boosting the students’ confidence and literacy skills.

Me, my horse, my dog — on the Ride for Hope

A woman, a horse and a curious kelpie are on a 900km journey together... Rachel Hill said she couldn’t do the ride from Sydney to Brisbane without her horse, Chase or Cricket the dog ... Her Ride for Hope was sparked by the suicide of her partner – a former jockey.

A summer reminder from CFA and RSPCA … time to consider our pets

As the summer arrives, CFA, with RSPCA Victoria, is reminding Victorians to consider their pets and livestock in their bushfire survival plan. While families should always put their own safety ahead of their pets in an emergency, it is important to have bedding, food, and water ready to go for them should a fire cause concern.

Animal education part of Epenarra students’ curriculum

Kate Foran. Students at Epenarra School, 200 kms from Tennant Creek, are learning more than just maths and English ... Barkly Vet Practice visited the Communities last month ... Dog numbers have been reduced through the desexing program with students monitoring a spreadsheet to keep the statistics and data.

Barkly vets head bush for vital pet services

Kate Foran. A dedicated crew from Barkly Veterinary Practice spent three weeks in some communities of the Barkly region recently, providing a remote service to pet owners who don’t often get to town. They visited Elliott, Marlinja, Ampilatwatja, Ali Curung, Murray Downs and Wutunugurra.

Be aware of hydatids

Dr Jeff Cave. You may have recently read that a living roundworm, suspected to have come from the faeces of a carpet python, was pulled from brain of a woman in New South Wales. It was the first documented case of the parasite infecting a human.

A cracking good show – a weekend for all the family

Quill. Who said Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky? It certainly wasn’t for Donald’s Annual P & A Show, which opened its gates on Friday for two days of fun for the whole family ... Of particular interest, and new to the Donald Show was Stewart Bryant’s literally cracking performance.

Top Dog

Zoli Myers is no backyard dog. The newly awarded Australian Champion might be partial to a romp in the garden and fetching sticks, but on weekends, he transforms into a show dog. Zoli, a Welsh Springer Spaniel, is now an Australian Champion...

Alyssa musters the courage to take on the adults at the dog trials

Alyssa Brown and Magpie run around the Bonalbo Showgrounds enjoying their game of chasey. The Brown family are used to being on the road travelling to dog trials. Alyssa, her brother Nathan and their father Phil competed in the NSW Working Stock Dog Association State Championship trials at Bonalbo.

Council seeks more powers to stop pet cats roaming and killing

Here kitty, kitty – here’s the thing – there are almost five million cats in Australia. Research by the Invasive Species Council found that 70% of cat owners let their cats roam freely outdoors. An average roaming cat kills 186 animals a year...

Father’s Day surprise

It’s Father’s Day. Just after lunch. A CFA Emergency team member is sitting back. Relaxing. Hanging out with the family. Smiles all round …. Suddenly man’s best friend disappears. Down a mine shaft.

Huge success for free animal desexing blitz

The Barkly Vet Practice has had an incredible response to its free desexing campaign this week. Thanks to funding from the Tennant Creek Local Government Authority, 64 animals were expertly operated on by the clinic’s dedicated team of vets, nurses, and support staff.

Barkly vet gears up for desexing blitz

Pet lovers in the Barkly can soon take up the offer to have their dogs or cats desexed for free as part of a blitz to curb roaming animals in the town. Running from 14-18 August, the desexing blitz will be free for residents who are on Centrelink benefits and find it hard to come up with the money for the procedure.

Retirement village residents value keeping their pets

Jann and Alan Page were unequivocal about their choice for a retirement village when they were looking 13 years ago ... Bethanie Beachside was the only provider that accepted furry companions and the Pages were among the first dozen couples to move in.

Barkly Vet celebrates 10 years in Tennant Creek

Kate Foran. Barkly Vet has been operating here in Tennant Creek for 10 years this year! One of the key goals of the business has always been to assist clients in the best animal welfare for their pets, despite this remote location. We are very proud of the degree to which we have grown the number of Aboriginal clients in the business.

Butler woman banned from owning pets for five years

RSPCA WA says a 43-year-old woman who let her dog suffer with painful and severe matting for at least six months has been found guilty of animal cruelty ... In sentencing, Magistrate De Maio said the dog an 11-year-old Maltese shih-tzu named Emma–had been ‘neglected in the most cruel way’.

What goes on inside the curious world of a cat’s mind?

Tom came to us for unknown reasons. A stranger in our midst, yes, but feral? He was clearly somebody’s pet but having learned from other cats in the neighbourhood that the place up the road offered a better alternative to the life he had – good (and regular) food, a warm place to sleep, and reasonably congenial humans – he’d opted to chance his luck on our doorstep.

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