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Young guns hot on the heels of Australia’s elite riders

When we look at the Australian teams competing for us at the Olympics and world championships, older riders feature prominently. Fair enough, because with age comes experience, but times are changing and many other country’s Olympic teams are far younger than ours ... in all Olympic disciplines, there is beginning to be a changing of the guard.

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Riders head to Naracoorte in record numbers for horse trials

It was a record year for Naracoorte Horse trials with 244 entries that saw riders from Victoria and Tasmania joining the South Australians. It’s the only event in the world that has run consecutively for 49 years on the same property with the same landowners and is a real favourite with young riders and young horses.

It’s that lovely time of year when the foals come out to play

Autumn is the time of year that breeders start bringing in the foals born last season and assessing the development of those from the previous year. Foal shows provide an opportunity to not only give the youngsters some ring experience, but for the humans to meet up and have a natter as well.

Gentle art of the plough lives on through heritage enthusiasts

Tractors with GPS guidance are now used to run straight furrows in paddocks but in the past, great horses were guided by men with kind and gentle hands to create beautiful plots. This farming heritage is remembered and kept alive every year by ploughing events across the country but the most prestigious of them all is the Golden Plough Championship in NSW, which has been fiercely contested every year since it was first held in 1976.

Westpac a no-show after public humiliation at first senate hearing into bank closures

Westpac should have been fronting up at the second hearing of the Senate inquiry into regional bank closures in Cloncurry this morning but after the beating it took during the first hearing at Sale in March, it appears it was not prepared to face an angry mob in a town where it was planning to close its local branch ... It has presented an ideal opportunity to have a close look at the grilling its executives received at Sale and remind readers that this is the bank with the worst track record leaving communities without banking services.

Stirling Classic sets the scene for Quilty in coming weeks

With the world-famous Tom Quilty Ride only weeks away, the Stirling Endurance Classic in Queensland attracted 178 riders across 10 sections. Stirling’s Crossing Equestrian Complex opened its gates in early 2016 as Australia’s only privately owned, purpose-built endurance facility.

Commonwealth Bank breaks pledge to pause regional bank closures

The Commonwealth Bank is closing a branch in an area it has itself labelled one of Australia’s most popular destinations for regional migration, breaking its pledge not to shut any regional branches while a senate inquiry into the impact of bank closures is in progress ... The Commonwealth Bank’s interpretation leaves Australia’s three biggest regional cities – Geelong, Wollongong and Newcastle – as well as the more densely populated regions along the east coast and places such as Bateau Bay, Gosford, Maitland, Murwillumbah, Raymond Terrace, Katoomba, Bacchus Marsh and Mandurah still vulnerable to the loss of their Commonwealth banks this year as they fall in the same category.

New Zealanders dominate at CDI dressage championships

New Zealanders Melissa Galloway, riding her 2022 FEI World Championship horse Windermere J’Obei W, and Wendi Williamson on Don Vito MH dominated the top placings at the Sydney CDI dressage championships. Melissa, a top-class competitor at just 30, won all three elite level tests, finishing with a score of 76.330 per cent in the Freestyle.


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