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Law & order

Community support crucial to tackling youth crime

As car thieves and other juvenile and youth offenders are disengaged with society and seeking notoriety by using social media, police call for public assistance in securing vehicles and identifying stolen cars. Last week, Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Cheryl Scanlon addressed the media as questions surrounding the nature of youth crime on the Downs were circling in the community.

Jason a finalist in Rural Practitioner of the Year awards

Prominent local lawyer Jason Goode, of local law firm Farrell Goode, has been named a finalist in the NSW Law Society’s prestigious Rural Practitioner of the Year award in recognition of his tireless support of this region. Mr Goode, who is joint president of the Riverina Law Society and a member of the society’s rural issues committee, has spent the past 30 years working to bring much-needed attention to the issues that are unique to this area.

Concerns remain despite IR Bill concessions: NFF

The National Farmers’ Federation has acknowledged the concessions granted which will see the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill pass the Parliament this week, but warns that the consequences for the food supply chain remain largely unknown. NFF President Fiona Simson said it was disappointing to see a government so disinterested in the genuinely held concerns of employers.

Lock it or lose it, Cape police say

Sarah Martin. Cape York police, including Sergeant Ken White, are urging locals to secure their homes and vehicles to help prevent a rise in crime in the community, following a spate of break-ins. Two people have been charged and police are warning residents to lock it or lose it after another week of home invasions, burglary and fear for Cooktown locals.

Blackwood attacks Andrews Government after timber ruling

Native timber harvesting in Victoria has stopped after a ruling on 4 November in the Supreme Court, prompting a savage attack on the Andrews Government’s culpability by the Liberals Gary Blackwood ... “This is a disgraceful indictment on the Andrews Government, who have been lobbied for months to adjust the Code of Forest Practice so that it reflected exactly what has been in place to protect the Greater Glider for many years”: Gary Blackwood, retiring Member for Narracan and Opposition forestry spokesman.

By their deeds you will know them

The NSW Government last week withdrew what is referred to as the dual consent private native forestry bill, the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Private Native Forestry) Bill 2022. It is possible in the past week to look at news headlines concerning all mainland eastern States and see open contemptuous rampant hypocrisy at play.  But the conduct around this Bill is possibly the better example.

Greens to introduce Bill to prohibit forestry operations in koala habitat – saying it’s time: Higginson

“This bill is a signal to the Government that this is an essential step to saving koalas from extinction and is as simple as an amendment to the Forestry Act. We could save money, protect jobs and stimulate the economy while also taking immediate action to slow the extinction crisis in NSW": NSW Greens MP Sue Higginson ... Sue Higginson responded to a question from ARR.News.

No end in sight: Aurukun struggling with violence

Aurukun is no stranger to unrest but locals fear that issues in the community are at breaking point after a year of violence and sorry business ... Attendance at the school has dwindled as a result of violence in the street and sleepless nights, while the council struggles to find staff for essential roles, meaning services such as the post office and community bank have been closed intermittently.

Private Native Forestry Bill: Saunders

The NSW Government will not proceed with the Environmental Protection and Assessment Amendment (Private Native Forestry) Bill. While this Bill upholds all existing protections for the environment, we will continue to have further conversations with local councils to progress legislation that unites communities and industry.

The NSW Government has lost control on private native forestry: Higginson

The NSW Government is hanging regional councils and koalas out to dry with their latest plan to remove the right of local government to be involved with approvals for private native forestry. The koala wars that have defined the last 4 years of this coalition government are being refuelled under the noses of Liberal ministers and democratically elected councils by The Nationals: Sue Higginson, Greens NSW MP.

Councils should back cuts to red tape: NSW Farmers

NSW Farmers CEO Pete Arkle has criticised environmental politics holding up rebuilding efforts across the state, saying we need less talk, more action ... Mr Arkle said the independent Natural Resources Commission described the new Private Native Forestry Codes as a significant improvement over the previous codes, with a number of additional environmental protections relating to koalas, unmapped streams and harvesting intensity limits.

Farm Forestry Bill supports timber industry and koalas: Gulaptis

Clarence Nationals MP Chris Gulaptis has welcomed the certainty the Bill provides to the timber industry and the significant koala protections included. “Farm forestry is a vital component of the NSW timber industry, generating about $482 million and employing 835 people on the North Coast alone,” Mr Gulaptis said.

Support grows for on-country alternative to juvie: Katter

A North Queensland football coach and first aid officer who has spent his life working with troubled youth has put his hand up to assist in rehabilitation of criminal offenders through a trial of Katter’s Australian Party’s Relocation Sentencing policy. Relocation Sentencing, which has long been touted by the North Queensland-based party as “circuit-breaker solution” to the unrelenting youth crime crisis, would involve repeat offenders being sent to remote properties to work the land while completing compulsory therapeutic programs over a 6-12 month period.

Spray, smash and grab – vandals attack pool and park

The Woodenbong Pool and the new playground next to the pool were damaged by vandals on the weekend ... “This latest incident follows a series of incidents in Kyogle and other villages, and in particular the Kyogle pool and surrounding precinct. This increase in vandalism and destructive behaviour is of particular concern to council, and alarmingly the majority of those involved are children”: Kyogle Council general manger Graham Kennett.

Gliders win in Victorian Supreme Court: Environment East Gippsland

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court of Victoria has found state-owned logger VicForests has logged illegally, and ruled for the first time that VicForests must protect threatened Gliders. Environment East Gippsland and Kinglake Friends of the Forest brought the case in 2021, to protect endangered Gliders in East Gippsland and the Central Highlands ... The groups are calling for the state Labor Government to end logging now, not in 8 years’ time.

Local businesses tired of waiting to get paid by mining company

The first shipment of magnetite from the revitalised Peko Rehabilitation Project was heralded by media across the Territory but the news didn’t go down well with Tennant Creek locals. The announcement angered local businesses after the good news coverage of Elmore Limited’s maiden shipment because they are waiting to get paid for services provided to the company.

Fauna protection call

A total of 19 species of flora and fauna have been recommended for interim protection relating to forestry operations, according to the Threatened Species and Communities Risk Assessment report. The next step will be to prepare action statements for each species based on the management needed to conserve them all.

Government cracks down on firebugs: Maher, Szakacs

Tough new measures to allow authorities to better monitor the movements of convicted bushfire offenders during the fire danger season will be introduced to State Parliament this week. The Bill delivers on an election commitment to help keep the community safe from firebugs.

APRA’s clean-up of bank data errors leaves statistics in chaos

Australia's banking regulator has been significantly over-stating regional branch numbers for decades due to false reporting by banking institutions. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) became aware of the errors in May 2021 and has been quietly correcting the hundreds of instances where banks have claimed they are providing full branch services – including the face-to-face provision of cash – but have not been.

Regulator’s inconsistent approach to data law puts it on shaky ground

Australia's banking regulator is picking and choosing which banks it is allowing to get away with breaking the law by misreporting whether their sites offer cash service provided by a teller. Errors in hundreds of minor and foreign bank sites included in the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s points of presence data for years, even decades, have been corrected over the past 17 months after being exposed by The Regional in May 2021.

Citizen scientists find 60 endangered gliders in forest slated for logging: Kinglake Friends of the Forest

On the night of October 2nd, 66 citizen scientists surveyed for endangered Greater Gliders in native forest across Victoria. The state government has either released these areas of forest for logging in the current Timber Release Plan or plans to release them under the proposed Timber Release Plan (TRP). Surveys were carried out in six locations across the state: Toolangi, Black Range (near Taggerty), Warburton, Wombat, Alberton West, and Colquhuon forest, East Gippsland ... ARR.News ask KFF a few questions.

Last chance for Qld to lead way on seafood laws: Katter

Ahead of National Barramundi Day, Queensland fishers, restaurateurs and pro-Aussie politicians are imploring the Palaszczuk Labor Government to lead the way on Country-of-Original-Labelling (CoOL) labelling laws. A bill currently before the Queensland Parliament, known as the Food (Labelling of Seafood) Amendment Bill 2021, will go to a vote next Tuesday 25 October.

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