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The vessel that launched 10,000 planes

In Spanish, Reposado means ‘calm or peaceful rest’, but being shipwrecked could hardly be described as a ‘peaceful’ event ... It was an inglorious end to a top-end boat that had begun life as the Taconite, a luxury motor cruiser commissioned by Bill Boeing, the founder of the Boeing Aircraft Company.

Tourism silver and gold for Love Lord Howe!

NSW Tourism Awards were held at the White Bay Cruise Terminal in Rozelle ... Love Lord Howe was nominated in two categories; Tourism Restaurants and Catering Services as well as Excellence in Food Tourism.

20 years of captive care for Dryococelus australis

Rohan Cleave, Kate Pearce. A big thank you for hosting us on Lord Howe Island (LHI) in September, where we celebrated Threatened Species Day at the LHI Community School and a community event ... The LHI Stick Insect (Dryococelus australis) is one of the world’s most critically endangered invertebrate species. 

Earlier articles

To the Solomon Islands with love

Alex S Currie. Clothes are like gold to many of the 720,000 people in the second poorest South Pacific nation – the Solomon Islands ... During the last two years Lord Howe Island residents have organised pallets of clothing for these islands ... boxed and placed on pallets to be shipped to Port Macquarie...

Les King eulogy

Wayne Krause. The family would like to thank Chappie and Sharon for being here and for Chappie taking the service. Les specifically asked if Chappie could do this a couple of years ago because of his personal friendship with Chappie and the impact Chappie had on the Island Les loved ... Leslie Allen King was born in Petersham, NSW, on 30 August 1921, the only son of Norm and Maggie King.

Sponsorship to catalogue museum artefacts on eHive

Ian Hutton. Since 1978 the Lord Howe Island Museum has acquired many valuable artefacts reflecting the long human history story of the Island ... Libby Baker, regular visitor to the Island and the Museum, has arranged for her family foundation the KEDJE Foundation to sponsor an Island resident to carry out this project putting the LHI Museum artefacts on eHive Lord Howe Island Museum.

Update on Checkpoint – Lord Howe Island officially declared rodent free

Suzie Christensen. The Checkpoint program conducted in July 2023 has found no sign of rats or mice on Lord Howe Island for over two years, signalling a significant milestone in the Rodent Eradication Project ... More than 950 detection device checks were undertaken using 140 tracking tunnels, 32 trail cameras, and 300 wax tags and chew cards, along with sweeps with detection dogs.

Are you OK?

Rod Harding. On R U OK? Day (the second Thursday in September), fifteen people gathered on the veranda at the Coral Café, most of whom were hearing about the R U OK? movement for the first time. Amongst them were two tourists, Glenys and me – the rest were islanders.

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