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Lord Howe Island Board Report

The Lord Howe Island Board Report covers a wide range of key matters relating to the island, including management, Covid-19, projects, infrastructure, engineering, environment and biosecurity.

SCU Community Impact Award

When Hank and Sue Bower first arrived on Lord Howe Island 14 years ago, the island was overgrown with weeds and feral animals were threatening the survival of some of the island’s unique endemic species.

A series of dangerous ideas

Ray Robinson, Christ Church. After the last couple of years we’ve all experienced, one might be tempted to crawl under a blanket as the new year begins and hope the world and all its problems will go away and leave us alone. The disruptions we’ve all faced have been exhausting, worrying, and disturbing in many ways. We all hope for a better year this year but how might that come about? Covid is certainly not going away. Is it possible to rise about the day-to-day frustrations and find a better year and life beyond our immediate circumstances?

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19th Classic Yacht Race BBQ fundraising for Lord Howe Island Central School

For 19 years, the Lord Howe Island Classic race has just been growing stronger and stronger. It has a long and interesting history. The snag, of course (forgive the pun), is getting there. Australia’s best barbie is held on Lord Howe Island, 420 nautical miles from Sydney. To work up a hunger, most guests like to spend at least three days heading as close as possible to 060 degrees while making the best of the challenging breezes and currents.

Geoff “Boots” Towner AFSM (Australian Fire Service Medal)

I first came to Lord Howe Island via Middleton Reef on board my friends prawn trawler “Sea Dreamer” in 1975. Unfortunately, the “Sea Dreamer” was wrecked on the Clarence River Bar with loss of life of my friend in 1979. Yamba was the home port for “Sea Dreamer”.

Environmentally friendly moorings

Lord Howe Island Marine Park staff have recently commenced a trial of environmentally friendly mooring designs to reduce impacts on coral and seagrass in the lagoon. There are 11 courtesy day-use moorings in the Lord Howe Island lagoon which are maintained by the Lord Howe Island Marine Park ... These moorings were originally installed as traditional block and chain swing moorings, which can limit the growth of coral and seagrass within the mooring footprint.

Justin Gilligan new photography award

Justin Gilligan. I'm excited that my image 'Rich Reflections' has been announced as the winner of the Plants and Fungi category of this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. The digital awards ceremony was just broadcast live from the Natural History Museum in London, with more than 50,000 entries from 95 countries.

Galapagos shark research final report

Researchers from The University of Western Australia recently completed the final report for the LHI Galapagos shark research project, which has been running since January 2018. This research used acoustic listening stations around LHI waters to track Galapagos sharks fitted with internal acoustic tags to determine their movement patterns, as well as identifying where, when and how frequently these sharks interact with fishing vessels.

Sunny outlook for Lord Howe’s sustainability initiative

LHI Board. Designed to protect the island’s World Heritage status and move Lord Howe Island towards a more sustainable future, the solar array project, underpinned by community-based Sustainable Energy Working Group, is designed to supply at least two-thirds of the electricity needs of the community each year, equating to at least a 67% reduction in diesel fuel consumption – a saving of around 360,000 litres of diesel a year.

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