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Cattle back on Lord Howe Island

Suzie Christensen. A major milestone was celebrated on Sunday 26 June with the return of cattle to two of Lord Howe Island’s patient special leaseholders ... Beef cattle have been grown and raised here almost as long as the island has been settled. The return of quality breeding animals will contribute to the island’s ability to produce its own food and ultimately community resilience.

World Heritage forty years on

Ian Hutton introduces observations from Warren Nicholls, who worked on processing the nomination of Lord Howe Island for World Heritage Listing in 1982 ... "So, on my most recent visit in April 2022, what are the changes that I notice. The Islanders are still so friendly and hospitable. Ned’s Beach is still a great place to snorkel and feed the fish. The trek up Mt Gower is still challenging and just as rewarding with its spectacular views (although now safer with the addition of ropes at certain points). But there are other changes. Noticeable and for the good."

New geology map for Lord Howe Island

Ian Hutton. In May 2022 the Geological Survey of NSW published an updated geology map for Lord Howe Island. This has been a major revision of the original map published over 30 years ago.

Previous articles

Project Kingfish

Loved for both their great taste and awesome sport fishing, the yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi) is one of Australia’s most economically important fish species. Despite their importance, little is known about the species’ large-scale movements, fine-scale population structure or behaviours ... Project Kingfish aims to deploy satellite transmitters on mature-sized kingfish across the NSW east coast and key offshore habitats such as the Lord Howe Island Marine Park to gain further insights ...

RAAF 37 Squadron visit

The 37 Squadron group visited the Island on Tuesday 10th May. The visit marks the 80th anniversary of the first medivac by the RAAF in May, 1942. It will also serve as a training exercise for 37 squadron to maintain currency for crews supporting Lord Howe Island in case of emergencies.

Tracking the impact of plastics

Dr Jennifer Lavers. Since 2007, the Adrift Lab research team based in Tasmania has been fortunate to visit Lord Howe Island in Apr/May to study plastics ingested by two mutton-bird species, Wedge-tailed and Flesh-footed Shearwaters. The database contains a wealth of information on the origin of items (e.g., bottle caps, balloon clips) and amount consumed by each bird species. Over time, it’s become one of the longest-running plastic monitoring programs in the world (certainly in the Southern Hemisphere).

Electric vehicles take off on Lord Howe Island

Ian Hutton. In April, 2022, three more electric vehicles have arrived on Lord Howe. These are all a Chinese-made BYD van, the T3 ... This brings to twelve the total electric vehicles now in use on the island ... With concern around the world about fossil fuels emitting carbon dioxide and adding to climate change, plus the world politics of oil supply from Russia and the Middle East (currently causing a spike in petrol prices) Lord Howe Island, with its solar farm, is extremely well placed to take advantage of this new, clean, cheaper mode of transport.

Frog alert!

Suzie Christensen. Recent heavy rain on the eastern coast of New South Wales provided some unprecedented challenges for our biosecurity team both on and off the Island. The Hastings River rose very high and ran fresh for some time. Potentially tens of thousands of frogs were washed out of the surrounding lands and found themselves searching for refuge. Now, if you were a frog, where would you go? It seems the logical choice for our amphibian friends was the giant green lily pad also known as the Island Trader.

Plain language guide to the Lord Howe Island Act

The Island is now home for some 350 people, many of whom have roots going back to its early settlement in the 19th century. Unlike the rest of NSW, the law has never allowed freehold title to be created on the Island. All land on the Island continues to be owned by the Crown ... By 1953, the NSW Government considered that a special Act of Parliament was required to better provide for the care, control and management of the Island. The Government recognised the Island as a unique State tourist asset whose beauty should be preserved.

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