Friday, January 27, 2023

Lloyd Polkinghorne, The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper


Gannawarra Australia Day citizens recognised

An emergency services leader and a passionate musician have taken out Gannawarra Shire Council’s 2023 Australia Day Awards. Kerang Fire Brigade captain Ramon Steel was named Gannawarra Shire Council’s Citizen of the Year, and Deaken Fawcett presented with Council’s Young Citizen of the Year Award.

Country Hour in Benjeroop

ABC rural reporter Angus Verley was on location last Friday, January 20 in the flood ravaged Benjeroop area ... “We haven’t been flooded out in 100 years but we’ve been flooded out twice in 13 years,” Mr Schultz told Mr Verley. “Something’s not quite right and that’s what we have got to get to the bottom of.”

Guinness World Record Cup Stacking

With lightning-fast hands, Jaydyn Coggins stacks cups faster than eyes can focus – the former Barham, now Adelaide resident has a Guinness World Record under his belt. Cup stacking is a sport in which competitors race the clock to stack up cups in set formations and pack them up again.

Where do we start?

As we approach January 26, I always follow the discussion around the day with some curiosity. What a range of views and varying degrees of passion, from fully supportive, outraged or ambivalent. Neither the pigment of skin nor the sexual preference clearly defines, in my experience, where one will fit. The history around the day is often in debate and the meaning for people too...

Hard work pays off

Ali Bohn. Travelling three hours a day, five days a week for six years to attend secondary school in Echuca might seem more than a little daunting for many students, but for Harry Coughlan, he looks back on the last six years and feels that every minute of travel was worth it. The Koondrook local graduated from Echuca’s St Joseph’s College last year with a 95.3 ATAR score, affording him the opportunity to enrol and be accepted into his first course preference of bio medicine at the University of Melbourne.

Crime spree

They say justice never takes a holiday, neither does crime it seems. Sadly, our sleepy safe community has been rocked by a wave of burglaries and vandalism. The not so jolly criminals appeared to get the jump on Santa with an early morning shop visit to Barham IGA before Christmas.

Tornadic storm

Kirstin Nicholson. “It was horrific!” That’s how Jodie Hay described the storm that went through the family’s farm on the evening of January 2. It was a brief 15 minutes that wreaked havoc on their property and properties across the district, causing damage to crops, homes, vehicles and buildings.

A world away for Gaelic football

Two young Raiders Football stars, Eli Boyd and Will Lake, both 16, had a thrilling, albeit cold Gaelic football trip. The trip through Wanderer’s Australia saw the local lads take on some of Ireland’s best young Gaelic footballers as they joined 40 students travelling to the other side of the globe.