Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Contributor, Tarrangower Times


Tarrangower Cactus Control Group honours Ian Grenda with the first life membership

The Tarrangower Cactus Control Group (TCCG) along with many volunteer Cactus Warriors gathered in the warm ambience of the Baringhup Supper Room last weekend to pay tribute to a remarkable individual who has dedicated over two decades to eradicating the invasive Wheel Cactus from the region. Ian Grenda, a true champion in the fight against this insidious plant species, was honoured with the first-ever Life Membership bestowed by the TCCG.

Nailed it!

Kevin Moloney. So anticipation built when news broke that a new food offer was to open in the same building as its antecedents ... We also learned the restaurant would be called Franco’s, so we started Googling to check the pedigree of the new kid on our food block.

Maldon Central Heritage Precinct’s bid for listing with the Australian Heritage Council

Michele Waddington. This is the first part of a series on Maldon’s application for listing by the Australian Heritage Council as the outstanding 19th-century Australian Goldfields central precinct ... Part 1 claims that Maldon’s authentic and integrated streetscape was the impetus for heritage protection in Australia.

How’s business?

The stronger our Maldon businesses - the stronger our Maldon community - the stronger our Maldon. “Warral Maldon is a fifth-generation honey business based in Maldon that produces and packs honey to a world-class standard. So, how’s business? 

Easter Hole-in-One

Bob Briggs. Participation in this year’s Hole-in-One had been eagerly awaited by many golfers as a major event within Maldon’s Easter Fair Program. Many visitors to Maldon during the Easter period are regular competitors and great supporters of this very enjoyable activity at the Maldon Golf Club.

Wheel cactus hinders fire fighting

In a recent fire emergency in Baringhup, CFA volunteers were confronted with a situation made difficult due to the rocky and hilly terrain. However, equally confronting were the many large mature wheel cactus plants on one of the properties they were working from.

Stratum at EDGE galleries

A new exhibition by Greg Mallon is showing at EDGE galleries until Monday, March 13. Greg’s works resemble maps of the land.

Thank you to our local lifeguards

Lee Mead. Lap swimmers, aerobic mermaids and happy families alike are all extremely grateful to two local legends, Sally and Kerryn, who answered the call out to train as lifeguards. Both undertook a lifeguard training course last year to help overcome the shortage of staff suffered by all swimming pools last season, and which resulted in our Maldon pool having to close some days each week.

Celebrating 160 years as our local library

This year The Maldon Athenaeum Library will have been operating as our local library for 160 years. Its inaugural meeting was held on January 26, 1863, when several good citizens of the town gathered to establish the original Maldon Athenaeum Mechanics Institute.