Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Contributor, The Buloke Times


The sound of silence

Skunkworks Community. Music has always been a powerful form of expression, a means of communication that transcends boundaries, cultures, and generations. In Australia, music education has long been an integral part of the school curriculum, nurturing young talents and fostering a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

They came from near and far

Blake Lee. From fashions to food, friends and family to fun, the iconic Elders Mt. Wycheproof Cup Day offered something for all 4,000 in attendance ... Wycheproof may only be home to 600 residents; however, it surely knows how to attract large crowds to its vibrant events...

Wyche Cup – abandoned

Peter Hibberd. Due to the provisions of the track safety inspection policy, the last two races at the Elders Wycheproof Cup meeting were abandoned. Riders were concerned about a section of track. After remedial work was completed, stewards and a deputation of riders inspected the section concerned.

Mancel displays fine form

Several local businesses supported the initiative to display a pristine flag ahead of Derby Day in the Country and increase the Spring Racing Carnival atmosphere across Wycheproof ahead of a community event not held with crowds for three years.

“Here’s my hand, and here’s my heart” – celebrating migration and mateship

Candece Jay. Donald’s Soldier’s Memorial Park was awash with colour as a gathering began to take shape last Saturday, October 28. Community came together to celebrate one of Australia’s most enduring narratives: migration and mateship, and Donald celebrated well; as multicultural locals came out in force to share food and dance and words.

Be aware of hydatids

Dr Jeff Cave. You may have recently read that a living roundworm, suspected to have come from the faeces of a carpet python, was pulled from brain of a woman in New South Wales. It was the first documented case of the parasite infecting a human.

How long is your hose?

The Naked Farmer (18-year CFA volunteer). Have you ever been a volunteer? It feels great, doesn’t it? Imagine if you were responsible for putting those volunteers’ life at added risk? For an organisation like the CFA which relies predominantly on volunteers, why wouldn’t it stop and ask the question, "Why are we allowing the added risk of Transmission Lines to our volunteers and those we serve to protect?"

1.6 million reasons to celebrate bank’s 20th birthday anniversary

Jenny Pollard. It’s hard to believe twenty years have passed since the Charlton and District Community Bank Branch Bendigo Bank celebrated its grand opening ... over the 20 year period of the bank’s operation in excess of $1.6 million had been shared back into local communities.

Accolades as Charlton Show returns – a day of food, fun and friendships

Jenny Pollard. Finally! Following three years of “No Show” the Charlton A & P Society could at last breathe a sigh of relief as the 140th Show returned to the annual calendar and - for the first time – was held in the new Charlton Park Complex ... As just one of the 580 agricultural shows which take place across Australia, Charlton has fought doggedly to retain its big day.

Garden club open day building connections

The therapeutic value of a wander in the garden can hardly be overestimated. The exploration, the changes, the delights and other minutiae which are observed in our cultivated spaces triggers a sense of well-being which promotes feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment.