Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Stephen Sia, The Lord Howe Island Signal


Lord Howe in the media

Explore TV ... Trevor Cochrane and the crew of Guru Productions filmed an entire episode on Lord Howe Island ... The crew had a great time on the island in early October meeting local businesses and constantly finding more stories to include in the show ... Melissa Leong ... Australian Traveller ... Qantas Magazine ...

Business Information Paper – mobile phone tower

Suzie Christensen. Lord Howe Island is not currently serviced by a mobile phone network due to its remoteness. In recognition, Telstra has identified a need to provide coverage to the Island and granted funding as part of the Federal Government’s Mobile Blackspot program round 5 ... While the granting of owner’s consent for this development does not require a Development Application, nor public notification, the Board is aware that there is a diverse range of views regarding the proposal, and is therefore putting the paper on public exhibition and inviting feedback over a 4-week period.

Mystery cuttlefish washes up

This month something particularly exciting washed up on Lagoon beach in the Lord Howe Island Marine Park (LHIMP) – a small cuttlefish which had died in recent storms. It was found by visiting researcher Sally Montgomery, and represents the first animal of a Lord Howe Island cuttlefish ever studied.

Lord Howe Island Tourism Association News

Pia Funch and Trina Shepherd. Our next busy season has already kicked off with a bang. We have some great opportunities coming up in the next little while, starting with the inaugural LHITA Annual General Meeting ... Sustainable tourism goals can only be achieved through local expertise and collaboration. The AGM provides a great opportunity to share and discuss ideas including sustainable tourism goals for this new season.

Biosecurity update

Following the detection of a rodent on the MV Island Trader on 8th September, the ship was placed into quarantine for 7 days. This unfortunately meant that it missed the tide window and caused a 14-day delay to freight transport at the beginning of the tourist season ... Our newest recruit, Willow, is underway with her training. She visited the children of the LHI Central School ...

A sketchy history of Blackburn Island

When English historian, Derek Neville, was researching letters written by David Blackburn, navigator and ‘master’ of the First Fleet vessel Supply, he was disappointed to discover that the small island in the Lagoon at Lord Howe had lost its original name – ‘Blackburn Isle’. This name had been given to it by Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball in March, 1788, when the very first landing was made at Lord Howe.

Friends of Lord Howe Island

The Friends of Lord Howe Island ran their 93rd weeding ecotour 20 to 27 August. Twenty-two people came from Sydney, Brisbane and Victoria to participate. On this trip, the Friends again assisted the Lord Howe Island Board weed team with projects. One was a visit to Blackburn Island to plant out more small trees as part of the revegetation program there.

Are underground fungi responsible for Lord Howe Island’s amazing plant diversity?

Vincent Savolainen. Professor Vincent Savolainen has come back to Lord Howe Island to set up new research about the role that underground fungi may play in generating and maintaining plant diversity ... Our understanding of how species originate has changed considerably since Darwin's seminal work. One aspect, however, that has been totally ignored is the role that microbes can play in driving plant and animal diversity.