Friday, August 12, 2022

Stephen Sia, The Lord Howe Island Signal


Rare white bird specimen

Ian Hutton. As Curator of the museum, I get a lot of requests via email ... However, in May of this year, I received a most unusual email. A journalist from New Zealand contacted me asking if I considered the photo of a stuffed white bird seen in an antique shop there was the long-extinct flightless White gallinule of Lord Howe Island.

Exotic fern – alert

Holly Fern found at the Lower Road. Holly Fern Cyrtomium falcatum is an exotic introduction to LHI. It is a fast-growing fern that produces high spore load, propagates easily and loves rock face nooks and crannies. It is targeted for eradication on LHI.

Turtle necropsy results

Turtles are a key environmental value and attraction for both tourists and residents in the Lord Howe Island Marine Park ... Given marine turtles are valuable and threatened species, understanding both local and global threats to their populations is important. Injured and dead turtles are occasionally seen in the LHIMP and these observations can help identify which threats are having the greatest impact on turtles in the marine park.

Cattle back on Lord Howe Island

Suzie Christensen. A major milestone was celebrated on Sunday 26 June with the return of cattle to two of Lord Howe Island’s patient special leaseholders ... Beef cattle have been grown and raised here almost as long as the island has been settled. The return of quality breeding animals will contribute to the island’s ability to produce its own food and ultimately community resilience.

New geology map for Lord Howe Island

Ian Hutton. In May 2022 the Geological Survey of NSW published an updated geology map for Lord Howe Island. This has been a major revision of the original map published over 30 years ago.

World Heritage forty years on

Ian Hutton introduces observations from Warren Nicholls, who worked on processing the nomination of Lord Howe Island for World Heritage Listing in 1982 ... "So, on my most recent visit in April 2022, what are the changes that I notice. The Islanders are still so friendly and hospitable. Ned’s Beach is still a great place to snorkel and feed the fish. The trek up Mt Gower is still challenging and just as rewarding with its spectacular views (although now safer with the addition of ropes at certain points). But there are other changes. Noticeable and for the good."

Project Kingfish

Loved for both their great taste and awesome sport fishing, the yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi) is one of Australia’s most economically important fish species. Despite their importance, little is known about the species’ large-scale movements, fine-scale population structure or behaviours ... Project Kingfish aims to deploy satellite transmitters on mature-sized kingfish across the NSW east coast and key offshore habitats such as the Lord Howe Island Marine Park to gain further insights ...

RAAF 37 Squadron visit

The 37 Squadron group visited the Island on Tuesday 10th May. The visit marks the 80th anniversary of the first medivac by the RAAF in May, 1942. It will also serve as a training exercise for 37 squadron to maintain currency for crews supporting Lord Howe Island in case of emergencies.