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Story of loss takes readers on an emotional journey

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After “putting it on the back burner” a number of times local author, Kim Winter, is about to release her first novel.

The life of the main character in ‘Cedar’ has been shaped by various experiences that have influenced his character and outlook.

Growing up in the rugged outback, Matty faced the challenges of droughts, fires and navigating a diverse culture.

His cherished bond with his horse, Cedar, epitomises his existence and brings him true happiness as he rides through the vast bush with his closest friends.

However, his tranquil life is abruptly interrupted by the outbreak of World War I, which creates his need for a new maturity amongst the conflict of battle.

Order a copy of the book online at or at the Corryong Newsagency. Photo: Corryong Courier

The scars of these battles result in significant loss and propel him on a journey of self-discovery with a newfound purpose that he had never imagined before.

‘Cedar’ is a compelling work of fiction that takes readers on an emotional journey through the complexities of human relationships, the power of love and the courage to face adversity.

It took Kim two decades of research and writing to write her debut novel – a testament to her dedication and commitment to the craft of writing.

The book started off as a short story but Kim was encouraged to tell the whole story of Cedar and despite other diversions (“like running a full time business!”), she eventually found time to complete her novel.

Kim has a passion for history, particularly World War I, which fuelled her desire to explore the complexities of human nature and the resilience of the human spirit.

Her love of horses and living on the land inspired her to create vivid and immersive worlds in her writing.

Kim’s interests extend beyond the page and into her life, where she enjoys photography and travel.

Her experiences have shaped her unique perspective on the world and have enriched her storytelling.

The official launch of ‘Cedar’ will be on Saturday September 2nd at the Corryong RSL Hall at 2pm (keep an eye on the Courier for further details).

Order a copy of the book online at or at the Corryong Newsagency.

Corryong Courier 20 July 2023

This article appeared in the Corryong Courier, 20 July 2023.


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