Saturday, February 4, 2023

Michael Waite, Naracoorte Community News


NLC votes 6-3 in favour of The News

Chris Oldfield. The new Naracoorte Lucindale Council has voted 6-3 in favour of supporting this newspaper, The News. Its decision follows a motion by Cr Cameron Grundy, seconded by Cr Trevor Rayner ... It called on the council to treat The News and another outlet identically, including all paid advertising, all media releases and all photo opportunities regarding news items and visitors. The motion also says: “Furthermore, council representatives are required to respond to requests from media within 24 hours.”

What to do with our visitors

Chris Oldfield. The other day a local person on Ormerod St told me she was cleaning out the spare room, ready for visitors. "But there’s nothing to do in Naracoorte,” she said. So, I relayed this to friends in the local tourism industry and they came up with a list of “What to see and do” which they provide to visitors – either before they come or when they get here.

Naracoorte High Ag news: Happenings on the Ag Block

Kristin Murdock. With the school year approaching an end, students have been busy finishing off projects ... Shearing and marketing of the lambs has also occurred recently, with Agricultural Studies students from all year levels taking part in the process.

Naracoorte on the political map

Chris Oldfield. In his capacity as a volunteer, Naracoorte’s Lachlan Haynes was recently elected as the Liberal Party of SA’s second vice-president. As part of that role, he hopes to help guide his political counterparts into Government at the next State election in 2026.

No banks or cash in 10 years says Speirs

Chris Oldfield. There won’t be any banks in Naracoorte or anywhere else in 10 years’ time – not in the country or the city, according to Opposition Leader David Speirs. Mr Speirs said there won't be any cash in 10 years time either ... “There won't be any banks in Naracoorte or anywhere else in 10 years’ time. There are no banks in my electorate,” Mr Speirs said ... “So, let's not allow our progress to be held back by that.”

Mural’s budget blowout query

Chris Oldfield. SA taxpayers, not ratepayers, will fund a 30 per cent budget blow-out for a mural on the back of the new Naracoorte Public Library facing Ormerod St. Cr Peter Ireland said the mural looked “fantastic” but questioned “why” there was a budget blow-out?

Kingston to open its arms to flood impacted visitors

The Kingston District Council has issued a warm welcome to flood impacted visitors and others looking for coastal accommodation during the upcoming school holidays through an extension of its low-cost RV Park. The Park, which will offer up to six (6) nights for just $60 until at least mid-February 2023, is set to use land adjacent the existing area and adjoining Maria Creek, to make way for anticipated visitors who may have otherwise holidayed along the flooding Murray River.