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Book review – A Good Yarn

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Seven mysteries that captivated Australia

Author: David Vernon
Publisher: Stringybark Publishing, December 2021
ISBN: 978-0-6452122-6-6
Cover design: Jonathan Vernon
Available through Stringybark Stories or all good bookshops. $19.95 rrp

A fascinating concept – reviewing the historical background to an array of possibly tall and maybe true tales from Australia’s past.

The author provides a clear and enlightening introduction – explaining how myths and inaccuracies develop often around an actual event. References are made to the manipulation of history for the purpose of propaganda by Governments over the years.

The author has gone to a lot of trouble to combine excellent research and footnotes with an enjoyable set of short stories able to be read easily. We are introduced to some beguiling tales from Australia’s past, some of which may be familiar to us whereas others may be new discoveries:

SS Waratah – the Sinking of Australia’s Titanic. Did a passenger have a premonition of disaster or not?

Contested History – the Geelong Keys. Who was the first European to discover Port Philip Bay?

The Old Fortress at Bittangabee Bay. Was it a fortress at all?

Making of a Myth – Simpson and his Donkey. The story behind the ANZAC legend.

The Ghost of Fred Fisher – phantasm or fiction?

The Mystery of the Gympie Pyramid – a relic of visitors in ancient times?

Murder and premonition – the Wreck of the Walter Hood – murder most foul?

Walter Hood by Eric McGraffin from the Collection in the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum. Courtesy Stringybark Publishing.

A Good Yarn is a great read for a series of quiet sit downs by the fire on a winter’s day.

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