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Book – A Voice in the Night

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A Voice in the Night

Author: Sarah Hawthorn
Publisher: Transit Lounge
ISBN: 9781925760705
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When it came time to finally throw away her corporate wardrobe and city lifestyle in favour of pursuing her long-held dream of becoming a full time novelist, Sarah Hawthorn relocated to the sleepy village of Bundanoon in NSW’s Southern Highlands. The move proved conducive to creativity, and in her weatherboard cottage surrounded by nature at its best – abundant wildlife, glorious vegetation and peaceful yet ever-changing views – she found inspiration in abundance.

Bundanoon is a haven for artists: painters, musicians, actors and writers, became the perfect place to explore ideas and learn her new craft. Aside from dreaming up stories, she also became reacquainted with her first love, performing, by joining a theatre group. Accompanied by the rhythms of nature rather than the relentless hustle of the city, she developed an uninterrupted daily work pattern: walking, thinking, writing, editing.

Sarah Hawthorn Photo: Highlands Photography
Sarah Hawthorn.
Photo: Highlands Photography

In 2019, Sarah’s debut novel A Voice In The Night was signed by Transit Lounge, and released in mid 2021. This psychological thriller, filled with addictive twists and turns, is about a woman seeking answers after her lover who died 20 years earlier in the tragic events of 9/11 suddenly contacts her. And it seems he may after all be still alive. Or is she being stalked?

Another work in the offing is a romantic comedy set in regional NSW in a village not unlike Bundanoon and the nearby town of Bowral. A colourful cast of characters come together to save the town’s old movie theatre. Their various emotional ups and downs track similar storylines to some of the world’s best loved films, culminating in (mostly) happy-ever-after endings.

Sarahs place
L: The view from Sarah’s studio at Bundanoon. R: The studio in Bundanoon where Sarah sometimes works, with views across to Morton National Park. Photos: Sarah Hawthorn


Following a bitter separation, Lucie moves to London to take up a position with a prestigious law firm. It seems an optimistic new beginning, until one day she receives a hand-delivered note with the strange words: At last I’ve found you. A shock I’m sure. But in time I’ll explain. Martin.

Lucie hasn’t forgotten a man called Martin who was tragically killed twenty years ago in the 9/11 attacks. When she was working in New York as a young intern Lucie had fallen in love with him and he vowed to leave his wife to be with her permanently.

As an inexplicable series of events occurs Lucie wonders if her long-dead lover could have staged his own disappearance under the cover of that fateful day. Or could it be that someone else is stalking her, or that her vivid imagination is playing tricks?

In a novel filled with compelling characters, and set in London, New York and Sydney, it seems that anyone could be out to sabotage Lucie’s memories and ambitions, including herself.

A Voice in the Night is an addictive thriller of twists and turns, a gripping and emotionally resonant debut from a striking new voice. 

About the author

Born and raised in the UK, Sarah Hawthorn lived in Toronto, Dallas and New York before emigrating to Sydney, Australia. After career jumps from actress to journalist and then publicist, she relocated to the village of Bundanoon in NSW’s beautiful Southern Highlands to pursue her dream of being a full-time novelist. When not writing, Sarah enjoys theatre, cooking and walking her dogs. A Voice in the Night is her debut novel.

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