Saturday, February 4, 2023

Peter Howard, ARR.News

Peter Howard AM entertained us, for decades, as a Celeb Chef on TV, radio and through numerous columns. Lots of his content concentrated on the primary producers of Australia – he showed us what makes our food, wine and fish the best in the world. He not only did this at home but also around the world. He promoted Aussie Lamb in the USA with the AMLC for 6 years in the early 90s. Peter maintains his devotion for Aussie producers comes from his rural upbringing in Beaudesert where he learnt to respect our farmers. Now retired he still watches our rural activities with zest and appreciation.

Winter vegies Spring into Summer

Peter transforms turnips, caulis, cabbages, parsnips and simple green beans into culinary delights and adds in oodles of fun practical tips learnt over a lifetime enjoying making the most of the right food at the right time of the year.

New release – Maestro of Madness

During this year as I have been promoting my novel, Maestro of Madness, I have been asked so many times why I turned to writing fictional novels at my advanced age ... Eddie Philipson is the main protagonist who was diagnosed with PTSD when he was 44 and the storyline picks up with his battle with the insidious disorder ... I was fortunate enough to have good knowledge with PTSD as I have the dreaded disorder as a Vietnam Vet and so was able to adapt some of the experiences I have had in learning to manage PTSD.

Much to do with apples, pears and quinces too

Yesterday, at my indi-butcher, I was talking with a millennial server about old-time rhyming slang – he looked at me like I was possessed. I braved it out and said, “Cheese and Kisses = missus and Bag of Fruit = suit!” and he still looked blankly at me; an older bloke next to me came to my rescue, “oh yeah and Joe know, snakes.”

Vietnam Vet’s Day, 18 August 2022

Nowadays, as a Vietnam Vet, I have come to notice that more people are acknowledging us for what we did as Australian soldiers representing our country ... Coming up is Vietnam Vets Day 2022 and even if your local RSL is not being involved, you can always contribute to this special day by saying g’day to a Vet. You know you know one, don’t do?

Simply irresistible citrus

An excessive lemon crop in my mate’s mini orchard in Maleny provided a windfall for me recently as I visited him. He was a Chef, and like me, hated waste and so unloaded bags of the lemons and other citrus onto me. I scooped them up with gusto. As to their uses?

Music – the food of life for aged care + : Peter Howard AM

Music is the food of life someone famous once said and that is for sure -  for people of all ages. Music has been proved to be powerful in the management of dementia and related issues ... With over 40 years of broadcasting experience, Gary Thorpe OAM developed Silver Memories in 2007 to address social isolation in the aged in the community. And now it is going stronger than ever.