Monday, February 26, 2024

Pavel Kuliuk, ARR.News

My name is Kulyuk Pavel Valerievich. Born in 1977 in the Russian Urals, but have lived all my life in European Ukraine. I graduated from secondary school No. 30 in the city of Lisichansk, Luhansk region. Then I studied at the International Institute of Business Management and Law in the city of Slavyansk, Donetsk region. I started my career as a grocery wholesaler. Then I started working as a marketer in a publishing house. I have been a journalist since 2007. The globalisation of the economy is the driver of my career growth. Being a journalist has become a way of life. Each reportage is a kind of journey to some topic and country. Heterosexual, in a civil marriage, no children. I love gardening and sports. I prefer a cosy home to beautiful travels. With respect and sincerity, Pavel.

What flowers grow in your house depends on geopolitics

Insufficient globalisation of the world economy is holding back the development of amateur gardening around the world. Ukraine is a clear example of this. Gardeners cannot purchase the plants they like or are forced to do so at inflated prices. But everything can change if globalisation wins.

Agriculture of Ukraine will be saved only by the end of the war

Peace and the end of the war are the most important things that Ukrainian farmers need. This is understood not only by Ukrainians, but also by all friends of Ukraine. Politicians from the United States, a country that is Ukraine’s main ally, said New Year’s wishes to the Ukrainian people on the pages of Australian Rural & Regional News.

What warning does Ukrainian history hold for world farmers?

Ukrainian agriculture has suffered catastrophic losses due to the war with Russia. However, compensation for these losses does not have clear prospects. This means that the prospects for the recovery of this sector of the economy are in doubt ... ARR.News asked US experts one question: What political decisions can be made by the USA governments to compensate for Ukraine's losses from the Russian invasion?

Events in Ukraine: The first “Agricultural War” has begun

The population of planet Earth is increasing. But the area of the planet is not growing. Sooner or later, this will make famine a mortal threat to the population of many countries. Scientific and technological progress will not save everyone. After all, increasing the efficiency of agricultural labour can solve the problem only when the area of agricultural land is sufficient for this. Therefore, food wars will become part of the future of humanity. The first such war is already underway. This is the war in Ukraine!

Ukrainian grain: Nothing personal, it’s just business

The large volume of production and broken logistics have made Ukrainian grain an attractive target for politicians and businessmen ... ARR.News asks Ukrainian market specialists: how much will the cost of Ukrainian grain decrease if problems with exports persist?

How Polish agriculture supports Ukrainian patriotism

For a month of seasonal agricultural work in Poland, Ukrainians can earn as much money as they receive in 10 months in Ukraine. This is so profitable that poor Ukrainians prefer to spend their holidays on the farmer's fields in Poland, and not in the resorts. Diligence enables Ukrainians to save their own country. ... Oksana Pitchenko told us what seasonal agricultural earnings are in reality.

How a chicken defeated pigs and cows in Ukraine

Ukrainian chicken producers have made a good marketing move. Thanks to this, the retail price of boneless chicken meat is about US$3 for one kilo. This is the most affordable meat in Ukraine. Beef and pork producers have yet to strike back ... Private entrepreneur Lyudmila Koloshko speaks about how profitable it is to sell "Leg meat".

In Ukraine, archaic agriculture wins over industrial

Ukraine could become the first country in the world where the evolution of agriculture will be replaced by devolution. The war makes farms and large agricultural holdings inefficient. These enterprises use large capital, hired labor, complex machinery, large plots of land and work for export. But war cannot destroy the private farms of the rural people.

Flower market of Ukraine survived three assassination attempts

In Ukraine, participants in the flower business are three times heroes. In 2014, the war with Russia began. Then, in 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic began. And in 2022, Russia invaded the territory of Ukraine. Over eight years, the business industry has experienced a catastrophic recession three times. Even so, the flower business continues to thrive. The love of Ukrainians for flowers is stronger than any problem.

Russians attack Bakhmut: the best gardeners of Ukraine became unemployed

In Ukraine, the largest horticultural centre has been destroyed ... In the vicinity of Bakhmut, a fifth of the specialised gardens for growing new trees and flowers in Ukraine was concentrated ... only one person, Danilenko Andrey Yuryevich, the owner of the "Artemsad" company, could find in himself the strength to answer questions about what happened.