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Sister Elizabeth Young coming to live in Wilcannia

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Sister Elizabeth Young, who belongs to the Sisters of Mercy, is arriving on the 20th of this month, and will be living where Sister Maureen used to live and have her second-hand shop.

Sister Elizabeth grew up on Boandik Country, Kalangadoo, in the south of South Australia. She entered the Sisters of Mercy in Adelaide in 2008 and has been working in the Catholic Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes since 2019. Since then, she has heard a lot about the Wilcannia community, which is dear to the heart of Bishop Columba Macbeth-Green and many Sisters of Mercy. There has been a long tradition of Sisters of Mercy living and working in Wilcannia, and after much prayer and conversation, she is delighted to be sent here by the Bishop and her Mercy leadership.

Elizabeth will be appointed as a Parish Life Coordinator for the Catholic parish, while Bishop Columba will act as parish priest. He will visit when he is able, as well as other priests from the diocese. In the meantime, Elizabeth will be authorised to offer pastoral care, spiritual care and conduct liturgies, including Sunday celebrations, baptisms and funerals. For this role, she will be instituted formally as a Catechist in Forbes before she arrives.

As well as parish responsibilities, Elizabeth hopes to become very much involved in the Wilcannia community and looks forward to learning more about Paakantyi culture and language. She has been a circus performer and is part of the Rural Fire Service in Forbes. She likes to read, write, bushwalk, camp, play board/card games and cook without meat.

All are very welcome to attend the Mass, celebrated by Bishop Columba, at which Sr Elizabeth will be installed in her Wilcannia role:

Wilcannia News February 2023

St John’s Church, Woore St
Sunday 26th February
11am – 12pm
Mass will be followed by morning tea

This article appeared in the Wilcannia News, February 2023.


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