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ATAR stars shoot Denmark Senior High School into State’s top 50

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Serena Kirby, Denmark Bulletin

Denmark Senior High School is one of only 11 public schools to make it onto WA’s list of top 50 performing schools for ATAR results.

Ranked at number 31, 11 students gained an ATAR score more than 90.

DSHS principal Katherine Ward said the results of all students over ATAR, general and VET pathways were the product of the hard work put in by students and staff.

Denmark students
Nina Hodan, Nammu Martin-Gordon and Flynn Thompson. Photo: Serena Kirby

The school’s median ATAR of 84.20 was several points above the State average and was proof that students could choose to stay local in their country community and achieve great things.

Topping the school’s ATAR list with 98.05 was Nina Hodan who plans to take a gap year before finalising what she will do at university.

Nina, who had intended to follow a career in nursing, has already received a pre-medicine offer from Perth’s Notre Dame University.

“Taking this year off will give me the chance to look at all my options as I wasn’t expecting such a high score,” Nina said.

She also received a subject exhibition award for the highest score in outdoor education as well as a subject certificate of excellence for the same subject.

“My teachers were total angels and gave me so much help and time,” Nina said.

“Of course, my parents were incredibly supportive and were never pushy which helped remove any anxiety about exams and study.”

The second highest scoring student was Nammu Martin-Gordon with 97.35 and she also is taking this year off with the view to study physiotherapy at Notre Dame.

“Like Nina, I was surprised at how well I did and it has created lots of university choices for me,” Nammu said.

“At this point I’m still interested in becoming a physio but who knows what I’ll finally settle on when I need to make my choice later in the year.”

Another ATAR high achiever was Flynn Thompson with the third highest score at the school of 96.10.

Unlike Nina and Nammu, Flynn will head to Curtin University in a few weeks to start a double degree in commerce and law with a major in economics.

Flynn credited his teachers as having helped him achieve his results and particularly thanked them for enabling him to focus on his schoolwork.

“One of the best things was being relieved of doing home chores and I bet every year 12 student loves that kind of support,” he said.

While all three students had different study techniques ranging from steady and methodical to pre exam cramming, Nina said her particular method assisted her to achieve the top score.

“I kept a study journal for each subject and every week I’d transfer key points of what I’d learnt into the journals,” she said.

“The process of rewriting the information helped to clarify what I’d learnt and made pre exam revision much easier and quicker.”

Four DSHS students received certificates of distinction and a further eight received certificates of merit.

Denmark Bulletin 27 January 2022

This article appeared in the Denmark Bulletin, 27 January 2022.



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