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Barkly an inspiration for up and coming Territory songstress

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Sally Balfour. Photo courtesy Tennant & District Times

A former Tennant Creek songstress has been successful in securing $8,604 to record her debut album under round one of the NT Arts and Culture Grants program.

Alice Springs born Sally Balfour is well known around the Tennant Creek music circuit, playing at local venues and working with schools, just finishing an artist in residence with Tennant Creek Primary School.

She worked with Mungkarta School and helped put the students’ lyrics to music and record it in conjunction with Barkly Regional Arts’ Winanjjikari Music Centre. 

Her debut album will be recorded in April with Dave Crowe from Sing Hum Studio and will feature a variety of songs.

Sally is now living in Darwin with her family, but she says the beautiful Barkly landscape and its people has been a driving inspiration for music.

She has released four singles and a children’s album Clara Crocodile, and says one of her favourite songs is from that album – Mango.

In fact, the album is in the running for the 2021 Funky Kids Radio Global Artist of the Year.

“I think the album will be different from what I’ve already released,” she said.

“There will be songs I have written over the last few years in Tennant Creek, plus some new songs I’m working on.

“Tennant Creek was definitely an inspiration with the landscapes while running out on Peko Road and the incredibly beautiful sunsets.

“Living in a small town like Tennant is like living in the city in a pandemic – you are isolated but there are people around you.”

The NT Arts and Culture Grants program assists Territory artists and arts workers to further their career paths, build professional networks and partnerships, grow audiences and contribute to building vibrant and engaged communities.

You can listen to Sally’s favourite song Mango here:

Tennant & District Times 21 January 2022

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 21 January 2022.


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