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Anglican parish news – headers to harvest

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Headers.  Photo by Ruth Arthur
Header drivers Dave Hill from Hay, Daniel Neilson from Bendigo and David Haines from Kerang. Chaser bin drivers J D Funnel from Koraleigh and Tina Siskoska from Wollongong. Photo: Ruth Arthur

Ruth Arthur, The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper

On Monday, following a call from my sister, Diane, that she thought there might be a photo opportunity in Moulamein not seen before, I travelled to see her and the new experience for Moulamein that was about to happen.

Diane and her husband, Trevor, live at Merriwagga about 30 minutes northeast of Griffith. It’s red dirt and crops as far as you can see. In Merriwagga, after harvesting canola, peas and barley, they were held up with rain, so they brought all three headers to Moulamein to harvest as much as possible before the rain predicted for this week arrived. On Sunday, with harvest postponed, the convoy headed south to start the harvest of Spartacus barley at ‘The Triangle’, a property owned by the Gray family, just out of Moulamein on the Deniliquin Road, run by Michael in conjunction with the family’s other concerns. 

With clear blue skies and heavy grain feeding into the combine harvester front, everybody was smiling. The trucks were having trouble keeping the grain away from the chaser bins and the three headers. My sister was kept busy delivering fuel and checking the moisture of the grain. Eventually, I managed to get the header drivers in some sort of line coming towards me. A powerful amount of engineering bearing down on me, not to mention many thousands of dollars’ worth of nuts and bolts. 

God bless our Australian farmers who put good wholesome food on our tables, not to mention that their produce contributes an enormous amount to the income for our nation. 

I hope and pray that if you are ordering Christmas presents online that you have already done so. It’s rumoured that a Coca-Cola truck is delivering parcels. Why not shop locally and walk out of our local businesses with your purchase in your hot little hand. Support our town so that we can all flourish. 

This Wednesday, November 24, there will be Bible study, choir practice and evening prayer but the following Wednesday, Fr Neale will be away conducting the marriage of Meg to Will in Beaufort in Victoria. Congratulations, and all at St John’s wish you a long, happy and prosperous life together. 

December 12: 2pm at St Barnabas, 6pm community carols.

December 19: 11.15am St Martin’s, followed by Christmas lunch.

December 24: 8.30pm at St John’s, carols and communion in the church grounds.

The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper 25 November 2021

December 25: 10am St John’s, carols and holy eucharist.

This article appeared in The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper, 25 November 2021.



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