Tuesday, October 3, 2023

How much is that doggie in the window? Try $33,000 for this working dog

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A border collie that is “the whole package” sold for a record $33,000 at a dog sale in Rockhampton last week.

Cabra Glebe Sid is 21 months old and was bred and trained by Joe Leven from Doubtful Creek.

Joe is used to breaking records when it comes to selling the working dogs he breeds and trains.

In 2021, he sold a dog for $30,000.

“If people say a dog ain’t worth that, they haven’t had a good one,” Joe said.

“They’re yours until the dog becomes too old to work.

“They are with you for life.”

Joe is on a horse at his property mustering cattle as we talk about his dogs.

He whistles to his working dog Max.

“All they want is a tin of biscuits and a pat on the head at the end of the day,” Joe said.

Joe reckons a good working dog can save a farm $65,000 a year in wages. Maybe more, depending on the dog.

“You can put a dollar value on it.”

He whistles to Max again.

Joe sells at about two dog shows a year.

James and Helen Parker from Monto in central Queensland bought Sid at the Rockhampton dog sale.

“If you thought employment was bad here, it is a hundred times worse up there,” Joe said.

Dogs like Sid are willing to work anywhere.

“He’s a dog with a work ethic. He’s a beautiful dog,” Joe said.

“I just love them, I’ve grown up with them.”

He whistles to Max again. It’s dark and it’s time to go home.

A man and his dog head to the lights of the farmhouse.

This article appeared on indyNR.com on 26 April 2023.


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