Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Moving LGA boundaries will cut the number of properties paying rates to two councils

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Kyogle received a request from Richmond Valley to consider boundary adjustments between the local government areas because some parcels of land pay rates to two councils.

Kyogle Council staff reviewed the Richmond Valley Council proposals and recommended the changes with the exception of those affecting 895 Bulmers Rd.

The Bulmers Rd recommendation would result in a part of the current RVC section of the road ending up in the Kyogle LGA. This would result in the road going through Kyogle Council, Richmond Valley Council, Kyogle Council, Richmond Valley Council, National Parks and Kyogle Council.

The proposal is untenable and not in the interests of the residents or the councils, staff decided.

At the Kyogle Council meeting on March 13, it was recommended that the general manager negotiate the transfer of Bulmers Rd – Part Lot 719 DP 787513 and Lot 1-2 DP 456573 to be fully located within the Richmond Valley LGA. This would keep the continuous length of Bulmers Rd within one council.

Other changes include:

To Richmond Valley LGA

50, 25, 2425 Pine Creek Rd, Bentley

2359 Bentley Rd, Bentley

495, 575, 525 Backmede Rd, Backmede

To Kyogle LGA

2885 Bentley Rd, Bentley

214 Baraimal Lane, Backmede

130 Baraimal Lane, Cedar Point

895 Bulmers Rd, Hogarth Range

The financial implications of the boundary changes are that rateable land for Kyogle Council will decrease by the following amounts:

  • Farmland $3,145,500
  • Rural residential $318,000

This will result in an estimated loss of rates and charges of $6,580 which is 0.08% of the overall rates revenue of $7,727,500.

Kyogle Council endorsed Richmond Valley Council to make a submission to appropriate authorities on behalf of both councils for the boundary adjustments.

Read the details of the boundary adjustments here.

This article appeared on indyNR.com on 28 March 2023.


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