Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Swimming to victory with the nation’s best

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Clayton Wilkinson and Harry Kilburn will be swimming for victory this week in the 2024 Australian Age Swimming Championships at the Gold Coast.

The boys train seven times a week with coach Shannon Comerford as part of the Casino Swimming Club.

Clayton is competing in the 17 year boys 50m freestyle, 50m butterfly and 100m butterfly.

Harry is competing in the 17 year boys 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke.

There is only .01 of a  second separating their entry times in the 50m freestyle so that is going to be an interesting race.

Mr Comerford said he was impressed how the boys balanced their year 12 studies with training sessions.

“That is commendable,” he said.

The championships features the best swimmers in Australia.

“I’m not expecting them to win but there is the possibility of coming in the top 10 or 20,” Mr Comerford said.

“They are swimming against the best of the best in Australia. If one of them makes a final it will be a grand effort.”

The 2024 Australian Age Swimming Championships is at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre on April 6–14.

This article appeared on indyNR.com on 6 April 2024.


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