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It’s time to say goodbye – historic pub for sale

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Lisa Stewart first saw the pub at Rappville when it was surrounded by ash and burnt ground.

Despite the devastation in Rappville from the 2019 fires, Lisa saw the beauty of the historic Commercial Hotel rising from the ashes. So she bought the pub.

Four and a half years later Lisa and partner Col Foyster are leaving the hotel they transformed into a destination hotel.

They decorated the hotel using its railway history and opened the kitchen to provide meals. The changes have been dramatic and creative.

The heritage listed hotel and the house the couple bought in the village will be up for sale this coming week.

Lisa and Col moved to Broadwater a month ago although they are still running the pub with help from daughter Eliza. Col runs several avocado and macadamia farms on Hogarth Range too.

“Hospitality is hard,” Lisa said.

“But it’s difficult to leave. We fell in love with the hotel.”

Henry Rapp built the hotel in 1911 and Lisa and Col were thrilled to meet the Rapp family descendants.

“It breaks your heart leaving a historical place that can give so much more,” Lisa said.

Despite being “heartbroken” about leaving, Lisa is looking forward to spending time creating bespoke furniture pieces with Col.

She is exhausted she said, from years renovations and going through several floods.

Read about the impact of flood on the pub here.

“It is time to say goodbye,” Lisa said. 

The pub and the Rappville house will be listed with agent Kel Gunther of First National, Casino this week.

The hotel is expected to be on sale for more than $950,000.

Lisa said she’s leaving the place a stronger person.

“I’ve seen the community operate in tragic circumstances. I have so much respect for here.”

There aren’t any pokies at the pub. And there has already been interest in the sale.

“I want to see progress. I want the hotel to be in the community for another 100 years.”

The hotel will continue running as usual until it’s sold, and the plans to open an upstairs cocktail and tapas bar in the next six weeks.

Lisa wants to see camping being offered at the Rappville Showground so there are more visitors to the pub.

“Thank you to absolutely everyone who has come from afar each weekend to support the hotel with genuine love.

“We wish only the best for the future of this gorgeous hotel.”

Lisa describes the floodwaters at Rappville.

Then the big flood came in 2022.

Read how Lisa and Colin turned the Commercial Hotel into a destination pub.

This article appeared on indyNR.com on 15 April 2024.

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