Sunday, March 26, 2023

Business and services want action to deter youth vandalism

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The Memo Club Manager has called for action after the windows of the Club’s courtesy bus were smashed by youths throwing huge rocks, for the third time in months.

Now the Memo has no choice but to halt its popular bus service out of safety of its staff and patrons and is now looking at the expense of installing plexiglass over the windows.

The incident occurred about 8pm on Saturday night on the corner of Staunton and Blackmore Streets while the driver was taking eight patrons home.

“Unfortunately for the safety of our patrons and staff we have had to cancel the courtesy bus after the third rock throwing incident in as many months,” said Mr Jenkins.

“It is not a decision made flippantly as it is used by many locals and visitors to the town to enjoy a drink, meal and entertainment responsibly.

“We now need to invest in not only repairing the bus but adding additional protection such as plexiglass over the windows, dash cam and establishing possible restrictions on pick-up and drop-off locations.”

Mr Jenkins said it should not be an expectation that because someone lives in Tennant Creek, that businesses and residents have to accept this kind of criminal damage and potential for serious harm to people.

“I would hope the Police and NT Government are not ignoring this issue and have a plan in place – we, and I’m sure the residents of Tennant Creek, would certainly like to hear what that plan is,” he said.

Another victim to the kids throwing rocks was Tennant Creek Transport the following night. Coordinator Georgina Bracken said a gang of kids threw projectiles at the bus while driving down the main street to meet the Greyhound coaches, when one struck the side window.

“More cost, more angst – I was angry,” said Ms Bracken.

On Tuesday, the ITEC Health bus which drives disability clients to health and essential appointments, also had its windows smashed. Tennant Creek Police said the youths had not yet been identified and investigations remain outgoing.

“Police conduct proactive patrols to deter and prevent anti-social behaviour and criminal activity throughout the day and night,” said a police spokesperson.

Tennant & District Times 17 March 2023

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 17 March 2023.


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