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Fire and biodiversity in the Nightcap Forest Project

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Lismore City Council, Lismore Biodiversity e-news, 6 June 2022

Caring for Nightcap’s Open Forests Field Day (19 Feb) was held as part of Restoring Resilience to the Nightcap Connector Rainforests Series.

Together with Tuntable Landcare, Northern Rivers Fire and Biodiversity Consortium and LLC, Richmond Landcare held the second field day in a series on Nightcap resilience.

Widjabul Wia-bal Yaegl man Uncle Gilbert Laurie welcomed local landholders to Country and provided insight into indigenous fire lore and use. Oliver Costello (Jagun Alliance Aboriginal Cooperation) presented on local connections, Caring for Country and cultural fire.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Matt Wiseman gave insight into the newest developments in vegetation mapping and understanding of the flora and fire regimes of our Far North Coast World Heritage Areas.

Local Fire Ecologist Andy Baker (Wildsite Ecological Services) talked of Dry Sclerophyll Forest biodiversity values and building resilience with good fire practices.

To finish the day, Jane Baldwin and John Allen from the Northern Rivers Fire and Biodiversity Consortium (NRFABCON) spoke to landholders about their experiences from the 2019-2020 fires and how best to approach disaster events and healing.

The NRFABCON will culminate this local information and experiences into a handbook resource, aimed at improving fire planning and management in the future.

The last of the Nightcap Resilience field days ‘Restoring Resilience to the Nightcap: planting, weed control and regeneration planning for bushfire resilience’ is yet to be held. Given the overlaying crises of flood impacts now occurring in the region, the Steering Committee for the project plans to expand this event.

It will be a much larger event with a climate adaptation focus and practical information for landholders after this disaster including flood, erosion, landslides, and bushfire.

If you are interested in attending any upcoming field days, please subscribe to Richmond Landcare Inc and LCC newsletters and look out for upcoming events.


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