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National Farmers’ Federation champions Australian trade and sustainability in Europe

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National Farmers’ Federation (NFF), Media Release, 18 June 2024

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) President David Jochinke and CEO Tony Mahar, along with the Special Representative for Australian Agriculture (SRAA) Su McCluskey, are championing the vital message of Australia’s trade and sustainability credentials in Europe.  

The delegation has been showcasing the Australian Agriculture Sustainability Framework (AASF), an industry-led initiative that highlights Australia’s dedication to sustainable agriculture.  

The visit began in the Netherlands, a global leader in agricultural technology and the third-largest exporter of agricultural products worldwide.  

“This engagement underscores Australia’s commitment to sustainable agriculture on the global stage, as well as the pivotal role of collaborative initiatives like the AASF in ensuring both industry and government are positioned as leaders in this space,” Mr Jochinke said. 

The delegation’s itinerary included meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Netherlands, visits to the World Horticultural Centre, the Greentech Conference, discussions with representatives from Wageningen University, farm tours, and meeting with the Dutch Farmers Association.  

This week the delegation is in Rome to meet with key representatives of the Food and Agriculture Organization and hosting an evening event on the AASF the Australian Ambassador’s residence alongside the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. The rest of the week centres on the World Farmers’ Organization General Assembly where the NFF will ensure Australian farmers’ voices are heard and are part of international agricultural policy development. 

“Engagement with government officials and industry stakeholders has centered around common challenges such as environmental regulations, farm productivity, water management and trade,” Mr Jochinke said. 

“It’s imperative we work with our EU counterparts on their approach to deforestation, animal welfare, and the use of chemicals in agriculture, especially making sure they understand how these are managed in Australia’s unique landscapes.” 

In her role as the first SRAA, Ms McCluskey works to boost Australia’s presence and influence in the agricultural institutions that shape farmers access to export markets. 

The NFF values its partnership with the SRAA, recognising it as pivotal for ongoing bilateral engagement and advocacy in international forums.  

“This collaborative effort underscores the shared commitment by industry and government to present a ‘team Australia’ approach on the world stage,” Mr Jochinke said. 


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