Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Budget draws mixed reaction

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Federal Member for Indi, Helen Haines, has welcomed much needed cost of living relief in Tuesday’s federal budget and a huge boost for the Flying Fruit Fly Circus School on the Border.

Dr Haines’ key priorities in the Indi Budget Submission included cost of living relief, investment in regional housing, health care and regional development.

In the Budget, the government has announced it will extend and expand the Energy Bill Relief Fund to provide an additional $300 rebate to all households as well as a $325 rebate for some eligible small businesses.

“So many people I speak with in Indi are under intense cost-of-living pressure,” Dr Haines said.

“Ahead of this budget I urged the government to think about sensible and direct measures they could take to ease that pressure. One suggestion was reducing power bills through a non-inflationary rebate.

“I welcome the government’s decision to provide the $300 rebate on energy bills.

The budget also includes power bill savings measures to make it easier to change to cheaper energy plans, reduce fees and charges and to ensure discounts are passed on to households.

“The budget has delivered $7.3 million for the Flying Fruit Fly Circus School, the biggest funding boost in the organisation’s 45-year history,” Dr Haines said.

“I celebrate this significant investment in our region’s talented young people and the border community should feel very proud about this recognition.”

Dr Haines expressed disappointment and concern that the budget delivered no increased funding for the Growing Regions Program and regional Precincts and Partnerships Program.

“This just amplifies the blind spot that Labor has for the needs and aspirations of regional, rural and remote Australians,” Dr Haines said.

Cprryong Courier 16 May 2024

This article appeared in the Corryong Courier, 16 May 2024.


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