Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Is it a world first? A democracy kangaroo rissole

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At the NSW State Land Council regional elections held on Saturday 24th February, local candidate Walpa Thompson hosted a democracy BBQ. But instead of sausages, it was kangaroo rissoles on the menu. The locals enjoyed them as did a couple of tourists, on their way to White Cliffs, who stopped because they thought it was street stall.

Approximately 80 members of the local land councils came out to vote for the Western region’s representative. The results of the election will be announced after all postal votes have been received, possibly early next week.

Voting was only open to Aboriginal people registered as a member of a local Aboriginal Land Council. Unlike the Federal and State elections, voting was not compulsory. 

Wilcannia News March 2024

This article appeared in Wilcannia News, March 2024.


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