Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Grow ’em big and they will come – Giant Pumpkin Fest contenders vie for biggest yet

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Fred Beck grew pumpkins in the 1920s on Mount Pleasant, Woodenbong.

Mr Beck’s grandson, David Smith said when the pumpkins were ripe they were carted to the pigsty.

“He grew both cattle pumpkins and eating pumpkins – the eating ones were stored on top of the pig sheds. New seed for eating pumpkins had to be purchased each year because they crossed with the cattle pumpkins.”

Lillian Cox from Zesty Herbs & Salads in Tweed Valley has been entering the Giant Pumpkin and Watermelon Festival for a couple of years.

This is her third year and she reckons she’s got a beauty.

This year she has cracked the 300kg mark. And her back-up pumpkin weighed in at 218.5kg.

A lot of hard work and insane midnight pumpkin checking has given Lil a great result.

Now she has to keep the pumpkins in shape for nine more days until the judging at the festival in Stratheden Street, Kyogle on January 20.

Have you got a bigger pumpkin?

Find out about the festival on the Facebook page.

This article appeared on on 11 January 2024.


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