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Weather for November

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Highest temperature was 43.8C on Saturday 11th compared to the record of 45.4C on the 29th in 2012. The warmest start to the day was Friday 10th at 21.8C. Coldest day was Wednesday 1st at 26.8C and the coldest morning was Thursday 2nd at 8.1C. Mean temperature was 33.5C compared to long term average of 31.2C at Reid St. and 31.8C at the airport. November rain was 28.4mm, 18.4mm on Tuesday 28th. The total for the year is 148.8mm. Long term average rain for November is 21.1mm at Reid Street, 25.3mm at the Airport. Highest November rain was 95.4mm in 1992. Highest daily rainfall was 46.4mm on the 20th in 1992. Windiest day was Tuesday 28th at 65km/h from the south-south-west.

White Cliffs

Maximum daytime temperature was 43.1C on Saturday 11th, below the previous record of 45.0C set on the 18th in 2009. The warmest start to the day was Saturday 11th at 26.2C. Coldest day was Wednesday 1st at 27.6C and the coldest day ever was in 1974, 16.2C on the 26th. The coldest morning was Thursday 2nd at 12.6C way off the record of 3.4 C on the 19th in 1986. Mean temperature was 34.0C compared to the long term average of 31.5C. Rain for the month was 9.2mm, long term average for November is 19.7. Total for the year is 127.9mm. Highest ever November rain was 84.1mm in 1961 and highest daily November rain was on the 16th in 1961 at 74.7mm. Windiest day was Tuesday 28th at a brisk 120 km/h from the west.

Water NSW graph

Water report

The river has remained reasonably steady a with current level of 0.85 metres and a flow of 769 ML/day, exactly the same as reported last month. There was a slight spike (graph above) around the 28th November, unusually caused by local rainfall upstream. The EC has crept up to 1435 US/cm which is not good for some plants that are sensitive to salt. 

Wilcannia News December 2023

This article appeared in Wilcannia News, December 2023.


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