Thursday, November 30, 2023

Interview with Sister Flo on Sunday the 29th of October

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What has your experience been of returning to Wilcannia in 2023?

It was a delight to see many of my dear friends. One of my white friends wrote about my visit on social media and 90 people responded to it. It was a shock! But it was a good shock. I don’t think I’ve met 90 people, but a good many.

What is it like to be 100 years old?

I don’t look 100, I don’t feel 100, I don’t act 100. I just live my life to the full.

What has interested you here in Wilcannia?

In my opinion it has improved. It is a nice and tidy town. I sure enjoyed going to the fashion parade. The way the children did everything – they were just absolutely fabulous. It wasn’t only the children acting, but the dinner that was served as well. I sat down and there were so many photos taken, I thought they would never finish. Some people were only little when I was here, but they all came up wanting a photo with me.

How has it felt being back here?

I feel very welcome and loved. But it has been sad hearing of so many deaths, young and old. It is also sad leaving. I wouldn’t mind if I could stay a bit longer! They are making sure I am coming back for my 101st birthday. 

Wilcannia News November 2023

This article appeared in Wilcannia News, November 2023.


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