Monday, June 17, 2024

Infrastructure provider at forefront of new code of conduct: TasFarmers

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TasFarmers, Media Release, 3 May 2024

The peaks body for Tasmanian Farmers today welcomes TasNetworks as the first signatory to the Farm Access Code of Conduct, reaffirming their commitment to collaborating with the Tasmanian Agricultural Community. 

In February of this year TasFarmers, in partnership with the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) launched, the Farm Access Code of Conduct aimed at promoting respectful and sensible access to agricultural land.  

Nathan Calman, CEO of TasFarmers, said, “TasFarmers is excited to announce TasNetworks will be a signatory to the Farm Access Code of Conduct, which shows their commitment to working with the agricultural sector in a collaborative way. 

“TasNetworks is at the forefront of infrastructure providers, setting the standard and pathway for other organisations to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities. 

“This marks an important development of the code, transitioning from a set of expectations developed by farmers to a recognised standard that industry shows its commitment too. This will foster a mutually agreed partnership between TasNetworks and Farmers, ensuring alignment and accountability. 

“This means Tasmanian Farmers are on a fair and equitable playing field when it comes to engaging with TasNetworks, and they should be applauded for proactively saying yes, we’ve reviewed it, and it’s completely aligned with what we do and what we expect from our workers, so we’re going to sign up.  

“The real benefit here for farmers is it’s a bipartisan code, we have both parties agreeing to the principles of the code, as part of an ongoing working relationship.  

“We’re planning to collaborate with other stakeholders in the agricultural sector over the next six months to highlight the benefits of this code. We hope to garner their support and have them on board as signatories. 

“We think it’s an incredibly positive step we’re taking with TasNetworks, one of the state’s larger GBEs and early adopters,” Mr Calman said. 

The farm access code was created to address farmers’ concerns regarding inappropriate land access and associated risks to their businesses. The adoption of the Land Access Code is a big win for all producers in managing risk on their properties.  


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