Tuesday, October 3, 2023

‘It’s a family affair’: Nan helps set up winning exhibit at Royal Show

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Since she was a child,  Navanka Fletcher has helped her nan set up the district produce exhibit at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Her nan Lyn Cregan, 76, has been involved in setting up the Northern District exhibits for 30 years.

“My mum grew pumpkins for the exhibit,” Navanka said.

There were four working bees to get the exhibit looking good for the show. Northern District won best produce in the state and came second for the display.

It takes a year to collect the produce, she said.

Produce like grain is sourced well in advance of the Royal Show.

At this year’s exhibit, the garlic came from Kyogle, potkins from Coraki and soya beans from Coraki, Casino and Kyogle.

“A lot of grasses and seeds came from Coraki,” Navanka said.

The farm truck featured in the display is made of plywood and covered in linseed.

Navanka loves how the exhibit is a “family affair”.

She also likes educating city folk about where their food comes from.

“It is a connection between country and the supermarket,” she said.

“There is more than what you see in the shops.”

The exhibit had peanut pumpkins and turban pumpkins which were not the varieties most people had seen. Certainly not in city supermarkets.

This article appeared on indyNR.com on 10 April 2023.


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