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McBride backs more research for medicinal cannabis

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In a bid to help control many conditions including juvenile epilepsy, endometriosis and chronic pain, the use and further research of medicinal cannabis has been backed by the State Member for MacKillop, Nick McBride.

Mr McBride gained permission from Lucindale’s much loved and highly respected resident Meredith Pomery to help explain in State Parliament the important benefits of medicinal cannabis.

“I rise today to speak briefly to the motion moved by the member for Schubert (Ashton Hurn), on behalf of the member for Mount Gambier (Troy Bell), in support of the importance of the use of medicinal cannabis and cannabidiol as an alternative treatment for South Australians,” Mr McBride told the House of Assembly.

“In his motion, the Member for Mount Gambier has identified the need to implement research and trials for patients with juvenile epilepsy, endometriosis and chronic pain.

“The motion also highlights the objective of putting SA at the forefront of medical cannabis research and treatment. I support the motion, and thank the Member for Mount Gambier for raising this and bringing it to this Parliament’s attention.”

Mr McBride described the regulations for the supply of medicinal cannabis products.

“Patients are able to access medicinal cannabis on prescription from their authorised medical practitioner, which is dispensed by a pharmacist, with the benefits of access to this drug becoming better understood by medical practitioners” he said.

“Certainly, those in our community who are searching for treatment options or complementary treatments where medicinal cannabis has benefits are seeking it out and embracing its use.”

Mr McBride told Parliament he had recently spoken with one of his constituents, Mrs Pomery, and was given permission to share her story.

“Meredith was open to me sharing part of her story and is keen to see the profile and value of medicinal cannabis raised with the hope of helping others to understand the benefits of its use in improving legal and practical access to it as a medication,” he said.

“Meredith was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2017. She proceeded with treatment, which included surgery and radiotherapy.

“For some time, the treatment was successful, and she thought she was clear of the cancer.

“Unfortunately, the cancer returned, impacting her lung and stomach, and is now a condition that she is seeking to manage.

“She is focussed on ensuring that she can have the best life she can with her family. She is a strong woman who is staying strong for her family.

“Meredith has explained that in the last 10 months the pain associated with the cancer has increased to levels that require careful management.

“She said that she has good days and days that are not so good. When it became evident that more pain management was needed, Meredith used traditional pain control, but started to seek out medicinal cannabis to support her treatment.

“Meredith explained that it took some time to locate a doctor to prescribe medicinal cannabis. She found that there was what seemed to be a lack of connection and information about the option to be prescribed the medication by medical practitioners she consulted.

“She had to really search to find a doctor to prescribe the treatment. Ultimately, she found a doctor in another State.

“Meredith now uses prescribed medicinal cannabis in conjunction with traditional pain relief approaches.

“It is her desire for others who need pain relief that the profile of medicinal cannabis continue to be raised and used as a treatment by more medical practitioners.

“It is a treatment that works. She also highlighted the high cost of the medicinal cannabis as a matter that needs to be addressed.

“I take this opportunity to thank Meredith for sharing her story. I share her desire to see the profile of medicinal cannabis continue to be raised and for it to become more of a mainstream treatment for pain relief.

“We need to continue to take opportunities to research and promote the use of medicinal cannabis for a range of conditions.

“I do hope that this Parliament and the State embrace medicinal cannabis for medical treatment.

“I hope that the medical treatment is widely accepted, and I hope that the research then follows to back it up and make it even more widely accepted as its true value is found in the way that it can address issues and health issues, as I have already highlighted, that perhaps modern medicines are struggling to cope with today.”

“May I again thank the Member for Mount Gambier for bringing this to the Parliament’s attention. I commend the Member for Mount Gambier’s motion. I thank the Member for Schubert for bringing it to the house and I support the motion.”

During the debate, the State member for Waite, Catherine Hutchesson, said the Government would support Mr Bell’s motion, which was carried.

NCNews 16 Nov 2022

This article appeared in the Naracoorte Community News.



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