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Gourmet Flare

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The Moulamein Bowling Club hosted a Gourmet Fare on Saturday, October 8. This was the second event, the first was held during a short reprieve in the Covid-19 clamp down. The government rules of being allowed to stand but not sit, as apparently Covid-19 knew the difference, was a distant memory.

A gold coin donation to the Moulamein Preschool was all that stood between patrons and some of the freshest, most amazing produce the regions had to offer.

Our produce-rich region has all the right ingredients – water, varying soil types and plenty of sunshine to grow a wide variety of offerings. Stall holders were delighted at the chance to get back out and showcase their wares.

Hayley Pattison of Pattison Pastoral Butchery had an amazing array of meats on offer. “It was a really fantastic day. I think we sold three quarters of the produce we had there,” Hayley said.

Moulamein IGA had tasting samples to complement their wide array of quality products. Cassie Jackson of Moulamein IGA said it was important to support the event.

“It’s hard to know what to bring. But it’s a great opportunity to show some of the different things we stock.” I can confirm the deliciousness of the avocado dip thickly laid on crispy bread portions.

Local free range egg company, 12 Good Eggs, had a display of the tastiest eggs you can find, complemented by their popular dog treats. Youngest member of the team, Henry, was keen to give Mum and Nan a helping hand.

The variety of goods stretched from preserved goods, wares from the Moulamein Art Gallery, coffee and cakes, wines and flowers and trees.

Stacey Brooke of Tulla Natives was doing a roaring trade with their locally grown seed stock and arrangements. Well done to all involved, we look forward to next year’s gourmet showcase!

The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper 13 October 20222

This article appeared in The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper, 13 October 2022.


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